04 Okt 2019



For us winter is not only about skiing, therefore we thought about a lot of new activities for your outdoor (and indoor) days!

Here's our program:

SUNDAY: in the late afternoon, Attilio will take you for a walk with lanterns, towards Maso Luch in Monclassico. Once you have reached the destination, you will find a tasty aperitiv! Difficulty level: medium. It costs €10 per person. Sign up within 12 pm of the previous day. Meeting point in Monclassico, San Vigilio church.

TUESDAY: nightfall walk, led by Attilio, in the village of Comasine. And, when you come back, can you think of something better than a glass of mulled wine to warm up your body and soul? Difficulty level: easy. Set off at 4.30 pm. It costs: €15 per person. Sign up within 8.00 pm of the previous day. At least 4 attendees. 

WEDNESDAY: excursion with snowshoes, led by Attilio, in places where you can enjoy the silence and the bauty that surrounds you. Set off from Monroc at 9 am. Difficulty level: easy. it costs €20,00 per person (with snowshoes' rental). Sign up within 8 pm of the previous day.

THURSDAY: (from December 26th to March 12th) Nordic Walking in Monclassico, discovering the sundials. At the end there will be a cheese and "pombrulè" tasting at the "Ex Casel". Meeting point is at Biolago, at 3 pm. Difficulty level: easy. Length. about 2 hour. It costs 10€. Sign up within 12 pm of the previous day. In the afternoon, from 5.30 pm (every Thursday), our maitre Cristian will offer you the tasting of some wines, together with local cheeses and cold cuts. It costs €15,00 per person . Sign up within 12 pm of the same day. 

FRIDAY: do you want to try something full of adrenaline, that will make you feel like a child again?! We will head to Val di Rabbi with our minibus and there we will start walking towards the suspended bridge, to reach Malga Fratte. we will stop there for a tasry break and we will come back...on a sled! It costs €20 per person. Sign  up within 6 pm of the previous day. At least 4 attendees. 

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