19 Aug 2017



SEPTEMBER...Summer ist fast at the end, but the calendar of events in Sun Valley is still rich of events and proposals to let you live the last carefreeness and free moments of  this summer season 2017. 

The subject we want to propose to you for September is the MILK, around which round many events and organized activities by the tourism institutuion of Sun Valley. 

The event which repeats again for the second year consecutive is the MILK FESTIVAL, that will take place the16 and 17 of September in Rabbi Valley, PLAN LOCALITY AND FRATTE'S ALPINE COTTAGE: near the Stelvio Nationalpark take place 2 days of TASTINGS, SHOW COOKING, EVENTS, SPECTACLES and LABOATORIES for families and children! Between these proposed activities, at the Rabbi's Thermal Baths you have the chance to see the milk in a new variation and employment. All the interested visitors have the possibility to increase the knowledge of the milk in many and various employments, such as in the cosmetics, as beauty treatment, trying and testing its benefits directly on your skin. 

The fields of the "PLAN" locality dress themself in white in order to teach and narrate the milk and cheese world, simply by using an emotional path which touches the 5 senses. The white market will offer all the visitors the possibility to taste the milk in its thousands of variations, starting from cheeses, yogurt, ice creams and smoothie. 

Along the path you will find many stands dedicated to the milk's world, such as that of the Presanella cheese factory in Mezzana  and that of Cercen cheese factory in Terzolas, which are going to present their products through tastings and show cooking, by using their own products.  For further information, you will find a detailed programm on this webpage: . 

To remain on this theme and that of typical products, unique of our territory, we propose to you the CHEESE FESTIVAL OF SUN VALLEY,  which proposes many events such as guided visits at the alpine cottages, at the stables and cheese factories, tastings in the bars, restaurants, agritur and pubs along all the valley, detailed study and culinary spectacles, special menu based on the "Casolet" cheese, typical of Sun Valley: you will also find small farmer markets, exhibitions and agricultur festival. 

An additional and unforgettable event which follows this theme is the "DESMALGHIADA", the reentry at valley of the animals which used to pass the summer on pasture on alpine cottages. The autumn in Sun Valley with it's colorful and festive comeback ritual at valley of cows, goats and sheeps, after the entire summer spent in alpine pasture. 

An unique event in its category, the 16 and the 17 of September in Rabbi Valley, while starting from the 21 to the 24 of  September in Pejo Valley: an event where you will be in the middle of the green of our fields, where also the animals will be dressed for celebration, dressed with flowers chain rings and adorned ad HOC for the occasion. 

Furthermore, for all the cheese lovers is dedicated the cheese auction, entirely dedicated to the typical product for excellence in Sun Valley, the CASOLET cheese: a savoury itinerary between history and products: the absolute protagonists of this auction will be 20 aged cheeses between 1 and 7 years,  produced by likewise alpine cottages of Sun Valley, Peio und Rabbi. 

Additionally, we remember you that during September  you have the chance to practice and do all the activities that Sun Valley offers during the summer season such as rafting, canyoning, easy walks and woods that surround us, to more demanding trekkings. 

We propose weekly  a detailed programm with all our activities, directly accompained by Romina and Christian and for all Saturdays, we propose to you a medium difficulty excursion with an expert guide, Gabriele.  


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