26 Dec 2018



We are always looking for new ways and new methodologies to let you experience a kind of holiday with the Monroc spirit!

We just introduced some news in our Tablà Wellness Center but also in the beauty part...we will reveal to you what we are talking about.

From this winter season you have the possibility to try two new treatments which expect to use the TIBETAN BELLS, that are able to reactivate the harmony between BODY and SPIRIT. One of these will be specific for your back, whereas the other is specific for your abdomen. 

The Vitalis Massage Resonanz-DORSALIS dissolves the pains of yoour musculature and is able to improve your vertebral column dinamicity. It contributes to give to you the right posture, giving you tone, beauty and dinamicity. Furter than all natural products we will use the CUPPING GLASS, a special ritual which use an hot roll. To instill in you a complete relax  sensation, we also use the TIBETAN BELLS. It is particularly indicated for all the people who suffer from dorsal and cervical pains, but also for who, just desire to relax themselves and concede a little time for themselves. 

The other treatment, named ABDOMEN RESONANZ has the aim to unblock the abdominal cavity and to reduce the abdomen circunference, by stimulating the instestinal functionalities, with a real improvement of the tonicity and of the periferic tension. Through the employment of all 100% natural products, a hot roll, the cupping glass and the tibetan bells we will gift you with a deep wellness sensation.  

We decided to introduce these two new treatments to give you the possibility to slow your daily rhythms down to let you breathe again!

The vibration and the sound of the bells will distance your mind from the external world and from the daily stress, to recover back your vitality and letting the energy flown inside you. 

Now you have only to experience one of them and to let us know about your impressions monrocpeople!

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