07 Feb 2019



Also this year we are on time, together with the first real snow, and we want to give you a preview of our weekly programm for the next summer season. Every day an activity or excursion, both accompanied by our mountain guide Attilio or by Romina. 

Here you find all the details about our explorer week, just for real explorers, who are always looking for new places to be discovered.

  • SUNDAY: to make you start the day with the right amount of power, we propose to you a 70 minutes yoga lesson with our teacher Alessandra, by the "Parco Fluviale", near the Noce river. You will be immerged in the nature, you will hear only the pounding of the Noce river and your breath. Perfect to start your explorer day with all the energy you need! It costs € 7.00 per person.  After dinner, Attilio will wait for you in our exploroom to give you all the details about our "explorers' week"; he will illustrate to you all the excursions in details and he will be at your disposal for further questions or curiosities.  After that, a short nightfall walk in Monclassico with final "grappas" tasting at the Maso Luch, or, alternatively, a suggestive panoramic walk in Ossana to admire the beauty of the St. Michael castle lit for the night.

  • MONDAY: Attilio, our mountain guide, will accompany you for a one day long excursion in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites, in an highly geological interesting place, also stated als UNESCO heritage.  We will set off from Monroc at 8.30 with our small bus to reach Passo Campo Carlo Magno (Madonna di Campiglio), then we will follow SAT path 301 to reach the "Orti della Regina", a kind of terrace, one of the most beautiful of the Brenta group. The name of this place comes from a legend, according to which a queen and her following one day took shelter there and they planted flowers and chive. Furthermore, this environment is so captivating because of the presence of marin fossils and for the rich alpin plant life variety.  Packed lunch or possibility to have lunch directly in an alpine cottage. We will come back at Monroc at around 3 pm. Length of the path:10 km. Difficulty level: medium. It costs (excursion only): € 15.00 per person. Excursion + packed lunch: € 20.00 per person. 

  • TUESDAY:  E-bike excursion with the instructors of the Bike Center Val di Sole. We will set off at 9.00 am: once we get our bike, we will take the cycle lane until Pellizzano, then we will carry on on a paved/dirt road to reach the Caprioli's lake. We will stop just to admire the beautiful lake and recharge our batteries with a coffee! It will be the best ascent ever! We will come back at Monroc at 12.30 pm. It costs: € 25.00 per person inclusive of 1/2 day e-bike rentals and expert's guide. 

  • WEDNESDAY: thanks to the success of the last summer season, we decided to propose again the sunrise in alpine cottage ( in Val di Pejo)  The very early awakening will be immediately paid back by a suggestive and unique panorama. You will be close to the surrounding nature, you will also breathe its fullness. Have you ever waited for the sunrise on the top of a mountain? Reach an alpine cottage where a lot of goats are waiting for you? And drank the freshly milked milk? We will set off between 04.30 and 5.00 am (Attilio will give us all the information about the time of the sunrise every time). We will reach Pejo with our small bus and then we will start walking on a forestry service road. We will be at Covel's lake, a small natural pool of water. We will have breakfast with the herdsman, with homemade barley coffee, berries marmalade, yogurt and Pejo cake. Stay tuned monrocpeople, we will give you all the detailed information you need! Path's length: 10 km. Difficulty level: medium. It costs € 20.00 per person. During the afternoon, starting at 6 pm, we propose to you a yoga session, to relax yourself and to loosen your musculature after the early awakening of the morning. It costs € 7.00 per person and it lasts 70 minutes. 

  • THURSDAY: one day long excursion accompanied by our mountain guide Attilio in the Stelvio National Park. We will set off from Monroc at 8.30 am (with our small bus) to reach the car park next to the street that takes you from Celentino to Malga Campo (an alpine cottage). Then we will continue by walking on a forestry service road. The position of this cottage is strategic, because it is completely surrounded by the nature. It is an authentic micro-alpine pasture dedicated to all the people who want to live an experience connected with the hard work, with the traditions and with nature.  For the whole time of the excursion you can enjoy a spectacular view on the Adamello group, on the Presanella and on the Ortles-Cevedale group. Typical lunch in an alpine cottage. Path's length: 9,5 km. Difficulty level: medium. Altitude: between 1.600 mt and 2.070 mt. It costs € 15.00 per person ( lunch in alpine cottage is NOT included). 

  • FRIDAY: Thanks God it's Friday! Light breakfast and, after that, a yoga session with the teacher Alessandra starting at 9.00 am. It costs  € 7.00 per person. In the late afternoon, starting at 4.30 pm. Romina will accompany you for a short walk (about 30/40 minutes), with a steep segment. We will reach the village of Monclassico (with our small bus) and then we will walk to the Maso Luch,  a recently renewed typical mountain cottage, where we will have the aperitiv. We will leave Monroc at 4.30 pm and we will come back at around 7 pm. It costs € 12.00 per person. 

  • SATURDAY: one day long excursion with Attilio in the Stelvio National Park. Departure from Monroc at 08.30 am; we will reach Pejo Fonti ( "Fontanino" locality) and before starting with our trekking, we will taste the ferrugginous water from the old spring. From there, we will reach the Pian Palu's lake (perfect place for your Instagram stories!), then we will head to "Malga Giumela" and to "Malga Paludei" (both alpine cottages). On your way you will be surrounded by larchs and spruces woods. On our way back we will descend on a steep but well marked path until "Malga Palù", and then we will run along the lake on the opposite side, until the dam. Path's length: 10 km. Difficulty level: excursionist/difficult. Altitude: between 1.670 mt (Fontanino locality) and 2.107 mt. by the "Paludei" alpine cottage. It costs € 15.00 per person (only the excursion). Excursion + packed lunch: € 20.00 per person. 

                Nothig else to say except that...There is always more to explore!

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