14 Mar 2022



We are very happy to start a post in our blogROC with a news.

And this is one of those news that is good for the heart, and also for the taste and the territory. I'll explain you why.

At the end of this winter season we will start working to create the "Trentino taste laboratory", a new space dedicated to pastry, bakery and the creation of jams, marmelade and vegetables in oil.

We will start from the local raw materials such as flour, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, that will be transformed into small delicacies to be enjoyed in the hotel or that you can take home.

Our pasta, desserts and breakfast cakes are already all homemade; our goal is to daily produce bread, croissants, jams and vegetables in oil too.

A project that is also good for territory.

The selection of raw materials starts from the creation of a network of small local producers. There are a lot in Val di  Sole, especially in the last few years, that have started from zero or have renewed small already existing cultivation or breeding activities.

Imagine the strawberries, the raspberries or the blueberries grown up kissed by the summer sun, in the middle of the mountains of Val di Pejo and the fresh air. A real explosion of taste that has little to do with strawberries or other small fruits produced in crops that use "forced" ripening or even synthetic chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, additives).

The same is for vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, cauliflowers, all grown in small terraces in the upper Val di Sole.

Our production will follow the seasonal cycle and will also be quite limited as we will work from time to time the fruit and vegetables that our small producers harvest every day.

With dairy products in addition to the Presanella Cheese Factory, a guarantee of high quality products, we have identified some small producers who produce real gems. They are the "herdsmen" who, during the summer period, bring their cows to the pastures near the huts they manage and produce cheeses which, if we can dare, are even more authentic and tasty. This is because they work the milk directly in the hut and therefore are able to "capture" the hints of grass and flowers even better.

With flours, the research becomes more difficult but we have identified some mills scattered in Trentino that produce very interested flours such as buckwheat, spelled and rye, always of BIO production and therefore with techniques and procedures that respect the environment and guarantee a really tasty quality product.

A journey of taste is waiting for you.

This new project is part of our vision that wants you to experience Trentino during your moments at Monroc. An experience that goes through the taste and the enogastronomy. We want to create an authentic journey of taste, that talks about this territory, its people, its traditions. So let's start again from here, with the enthusiasm of beautiful things that take shape.

We will keep you posted but above all we wait for your for this journey.


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