03 Aug 2019



This event is dedicated to all the 2 wheels lovers; highlight the following dates:

- August, 2nd - 4th 2019: Mtb World Cup Coppa and 4X World Championship ( 2019).

- September, 11th - 13th 2020: Mtb World Cup and 4X World Championship (2020).

- August, 25th - 29th 2021: Mtb World Cup and 4X World Championship (2021).

Val di Sole is once again confimed as the italian home for the 2 wheels. The official public announcement comes directly from Innsbruck, and states that Val di Sole will be the main stage for world championship events for the next 3 years. Therefore, the presence of Val di Sole in the "gotha" of the international cyclism is confirmed another time.

Here in Daolasa, there will be a real "small town", created to host all the thousands of bikers who come here for this worldwide event. 

We can firmly say that the two wheels definitely found their "sunny place" in our extraordinary Val di Sole and a "BIKER FRIENDLY" hospitality model.

The colourful and cheerful world of the bike will be the frame of this sport event, but also of a non-stop party with live music, shows and other entertaining side-events for all the athletes, enthusiastic or just curious people who can relax themselves and celebrate this event. The main words will be three: spectacle-adrenalin-challenge and they will remain in the annals and in the history of this discipline. 

To enter in this mood and to understand the enthusiasm of this "CRAZY WEEK" in Val di Sole, we suggest you to watch this video:

Stay tuned #monrocpeople, we are already doing the's never too early!

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