23 Jun 2021



Here at Monroc you can always find taste and tradition. Everyday we carefully choose the ingredients for our cuisine.

Our goal is to enhance our land, by focusing on local products.

Among those, speck couldn't be missing.

We chose the one produced by Bonani butcher shop in Rumo. This speck is processed with traditional and natural methods.

The thighs they use are mainly italian and austrian. These products are drier compared to the others and they allow them to follow the maturing and drying procedures in a natural way.

Are you curious? They told us some of their secrets...


This step is essential and it is handmade, like in the past.

The hams are massaged one by one, following the old Bonani's recipe. This recipe is as old as secret, but we know they use 14 different spices.

The salting period is 18-21 days long: every week the hams are massaged again.


After about 20 days, the speck is dried in the open-air (if the weather allows it...).

Imagine to walk through the streets of Rumo on a sunny day and come across the speck that is enriching itself  with the mountain air....can you feel the perfume?


The Bonani's tradition is about a gentle smoking, made with beechwood's sawdust and juniper berries.

The final stage is the rest, during which the speck is hung for 6-7 months.

During this period, every step of the production is enhanced, in order to reach its unique taste, rich of tradition and innovation.

Did we make you drool? We are sure that, after having tried it, you won't leave without a piece of speck to take home with you!

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