28 Feb 2019



As we already spoilered to you in our active program for summer 2019, starting from the next summer season we will give time and space to yoga.

We decided to add this activity to our program to give everybody the chance to experience its advantages, from the muscular stretching to the sensation of well-being for body and mind. In our instance, yoga could be seen as the "other side" of our active program: we will indeed alternate trekking excursions and relaxing yoga and meditation sessions. As most of people know, trekking increases physical stamina and strength, while yoga helps to develop a bigger awareness of one's own movements and breath, restoring body's balance and elasticity. These two activities together help to improve one's self control. Exactly as we, the #monrocpeople, like, active&balance.

For our journey to explore the world of yoga, forget about the wide and empty rooms where you stretch your muscles on a yoga mat, we have thought about something different! Our lesson, with the teacher Alessandra, will take place at the Parco Fluviale, a green space where you can literally breath nature and well-being. 

We will not hear a relaxing music cd in the background, the only music will be that of the Noce river, of the birds singing, of the wind through leaves, and of your breath.

Our scheduled days for yoga will be three (70 minutes sessions):

  • on Sunday morning, at 9 am, to start your explorer week in the best way
  • on Wednesday afternoon, at 6 pm, to loose your muscles and mind after the (well paid back) early waking up to see the sunrise in the alpine cottage,
  • on Friday morning, at 9 am, to give you the power for the weekend and for the #monrocpeople aperitiv.

It's something you really have to experience, you won't regret it! Trust us!

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