03 Oct 2018



Such in a spontaneous way, we connect the winter season in Trentino with the snow and skis, but in the reality there are also interesting alternatives also for the people who are not ski lovers. 

We already though about 7 ideas in order to explore the magic of winter here in Val di Sole. 

- SNOWSHOES RACKETS EXCURSION: in otaliam, better in the dialect of Val di Sole are better known like "CIASPOLE", which are though to walk on the immaculated snow . If you don't have wity you the racktes, there is no problem at all...there are some rental shops nearby Monroc! The rental shops, which you will find few meters away from Monroc are well supplied.If you don't want to go exploring alone, once or twice per week there will be Attilio, our mountain guide who will accompany you in the woods of Val di Rabbi or Val di Peio. 

- SKI TOURING: is the sport which combines together the conquest of the mountain and the effort of the climbing, but also the pleasure and the adrenalin of a freeride descent which will repay you for the effort you just made. 

Between the innumerable reasons of the success of this discipline, surely is the charm given by the innumerable beauties of the nature by an alternative point of view, far away from the confusion and from the crowded slopes. With the SKI TOURING  you will proceed on less popular slopes to come back off the tracks. For this reason is always better to inform yourself about the snow conditions and about the status of the snow. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to let you accompained by expert skiers or by the alpine guides of Val di Sole. 

- ON THE SLED WITH THE HORSES: are you ready to set off with a sled drived by the horses? Don't panic yourself for the cold conditions of the wheater. Dress yourself in the best way, settle on the sled where you will find also a balnket. And now be happy with the landscape which surrounds you. We recommend this experience to to spend an alternativer afternoon and to give a romantic toll to your holiday. You have only to reach the equitation centre in Pellizzano. It takes only 10 minutes by car. 

- SHOPPING AFTERNOON IN MADONNA DI CAMPIGLIO: this is a famous destination on the Alps which will wait ypu for some winter shopping. It's really suggestive to ealk on the streets of Madonna di Campiglio, to enter in it's beautiful boutiques, in the small stores and shops. And than, concede yourself an aperitif...where? Accomodate yourself at the Suisse Bar in the main square of the city. Anothe adresse not to lose id by Nabucco Ferrari, a space dedicated to the bubbles of this famous wine cellar of Trentino. We recommend you a glas of TrentoDOC and some tasting before starting again with the shopping. And than, not far away, you will find the boutique Ciocomiti, a young and dinamic reality which was born in Val di Sole (Malè)...they make themself a variety of chocolates, dried apple at chocolate, hot chocolate with cream and many others combinations. 

-DESCENT ON THE SLED: analternative way to live your experience on the snow is that with the sled. We recommend it to reach by walking the alpine cottages of Val di Rabbi such as the Malga Stablasolo, Malga Fratte or Malga Monte Sole and deliate yourself with a typical dish with polenta and hot cheese. Except for Christmas time where the alpine cottages are opened all days normally they opened on the weekends. But ask us at the reception and we will give you all the information you need for a funny walk!

- DESCENT ON FAT BIKES: by now they are very widespresd these "fat bikes", ideal on the snow descent. Adrenalin and entertainment are the main word: you can try this experience only by Passo Tonale, 20 km far away from Monroc Hotel.

-WELLNESS: take care of yourself, dedicate yourself some hours for the wellness and to relax your body and mind. After your explorer day, it waits our Tablà Wellness Center, 400 square meters of wellness area where you can take advantage of the jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, kneipp way, emotional showers and 3 different relax areas. Our beauticians Caterina and Giada are ready to give you all the information about the best treatment or massage best suits you. Read through our beauty menù  SPA MENU'.  

We wait for you for a not only skiing holiday in Val di Sole!


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