27 May 2016


everybody to muse!

If you think about "museum" are you already yawning?! Good, so you have to read here, we will tell you about MUSE of Trento, a place born to amaze, thrill and astound all those who decide to enter. Already from the outside this glass mountain designed by Renzo Piano will make you understand that this is not an average place...dinosaurs' skeletons and ibexes stare at you through the big glass windows. Shall we get in?  

For true explorers: like us

The visit to Muse is a veritable exploration, which starts from the top to climb down six floors as it would be a mountain in a fantastic sensory trip where you can feel the cold air, walk in a wood, touch the ice, look a strange insect or the print of a dinosaur and, why not, print a 3D object. Muse is a real mind adventure, able to stimulate your curiosity. 

Now it is up to you!

How many times we desired to touch the artworks of a museum?! Always! In the Science Museum you can, rather you have to, because is the only way to understand the new technologies, the ideas and the appeal of the "digital fabrication". The FabLab is waiting for you to try, test and understand the latest thechnologies. For the young guests it will be a show to enter the Maxi Ooh! It seems a suspended place, starting only when the children enter. 200 mto touch, smell, watch, test the senses and discover something new. It seems magic, but it is science, reserved for chidren form 0 to 5 years old.

But it is not over, Muse spaces to visit are a lot, starting from the terrace for the view from above of the surrounding landscape: the city, the river, the mountains. Then going on from the fourth floor up to the tropical greenhouse.

Hot to get to Muse

Train is probably the easiest means to reach Trento and for us of Monroc is also even easier because the Dolomiti Express stop is just in front of us. 1,5 hour admiring the landscape of Val di Sole and Val di Non and you will be then in one of the most beutiful city of the Alpine region. With a walk of about 20 min, cross the historic center, follow the indications that you will find everywhere and then the beautuiful glass mountain of Renzo Piano will appear to you. And if you have the Opportunity card Val di Sole the transport is included so as the Muse entry. Too easy to not to go!

Useful info and sweet advice

Opening hours and ticket prices: Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 6pm & Saturday, Sunday: 10am - 7pm       Full price: € 10,00 - Reduced: € 8,00 - Family ticket: 2 adults + underage children: € 20,00 

Address: Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, 3 - 38122 Trento,

Since you come through Trento you can't not to take a good coffee in Casa del caffè (House of coffee) with the best blends and everyday a greedy choice reccomended by the guys from behind the counter. Casa del cioccolato (House of chocolate) instead will seduce you with sweets of all kinds, Sacher cake is gorgeus! And finally you can't go through Piazza Duomo without entering "Scrigno del Duomo" for a glass of Trento DOC. Sparkling and seductive just like this city.


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