02 Jul 2016



Monroc introduces the well-being edelweiss of Olga Casanova

Edelweiss of Olga Casanova are famous here, together with her staff she created a wonderful botanical garden in Val di Sole where apart from edelweiss are cultivated other medicinal plants like lemon balm, cornflower, mallow, yarrow and mint. Moreover plants for food use such as “radicchio dell’orso” and mountain asparagus, both with an intense and pleasant taste.

But we don’t speak just about cultivation, this certified-organic farm in fact created a cosmetic-herbal line based on the extracts of these precious plants. The effectiveness of these products is given by the fact that the plants are harvested only during the days of xx and brought by the same evening to the lab to extract the active substances from the fresh flower.  

The Edelweiss line is for sure the diamond point of this farm. This rare flower, which grows freely at altitude, is known for its antioxidant properties; the flavonoids contained fight the free radical and are excellent adjuvants for the skin health. The Olga Casanova line is the only one xxx.

Eccellences at Monroc

Due to our passion for this territory and its products, it seemed natural to us to have the Olga Casanova excellences too. We started with the scented herbal tea to sip to enjoy a moment of delicate relax. We have now the different cosmetic lines starting of course from the Edelweiss one, Arnica, Calendule and Thyme thought in different sizes and uses. From the moisturizing treatment, to the antioxidant, to the softening one; to each flower and plant its benefit and now you can try these treatments in Monroc beauty center. Caterina, our beautician, will advise you the most suitable for you choosing the best product, you will recognize the effectiveness immediately too!

An enchating nature

While listening to Olga describing her products and plants she cultivates, you can’t not be fascinated, she talks about of the different species of edelweiss, arnica form the bright orange, mallow and its sweetness, thymus, dog rose, lemon balm, yarrow and the berry fruits that fill her botanical gardens. There is a lot of preparation behind, studies and innovative techniques, but it always remains that fascinating quid linked to the nature power. All this makes us remind the ancient wisdom of our grandmother that has always harvested medicinal plants in the woods and fields of Ortisè, creating beneficial unguents and herbal tea able to solve always some ailments.

How to visit Olga’s gardens

Every summer afternoon Olga and Enrico wait you to accompany you through the fragrances and the colors of their gardens. You find them in Peio, in Stelvio National Park, here there are the cultivations of all the medicinal plants, the berry fruits and there are growing tests of new plants. Lose yourself while walking through this beautiful place and smelling the delicate fragrances, at the end of the path you can also sip a beneficial herbal tea. On the street that brings to “Lago dei Caprioli” you will see an enormous white expanse of edelweiss. Here there is Olga’s garden dedicated to ornamental plants with thousands of speciemens of edelweiss and gentian. Bring home the well-being edelweiss!

Have a look to Olga Casanova website and fall in love with this world


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