18 Feb 2017


Today we have decided to present you the Monroc-branded #delicacies, born from a close collaboration with local farms, which cultivate and produce their own products in a natural way, using only local raw material and with total respect of nature. MONROC GOODNESS is a selection of tastiness typical of gastronomy/tradition of  Val di Sole and Trentino. They are products that you can taste everyday at Monroc, that you can purchase in the local-products shops of the valley land also in the special and selected version, branded MONROC

An idea born to valorize and highlight our land potentiality, Trentino: a careful and detailed selection of the products that we present everyday to our guest, preferring those coming from Val di Sole and surroundings. We stronlgy believe in the value of our territory and for this reason we have decided to invest and create a selection of #Monrocproducts.

From this year our guests can find and taste:

ROCLET, the typical cheese of Val di Sole, made by the Presanella dairy of Mezzana. It is produced in several variations: with chilli peppers, walnuts, chives...try the selection of our cheeses!

CIOCOROC, a chocolate bar made by Ciocomiti,  a company of Croviana (Val di Sole), which is working in the chocolate field since a few years, always looking for big news! You will find different flavors, such as dark chocoalte with strawberries and milk chocoalte with hazelnuts. A fine chocolate, gluten-free to be tasted in every occasion!

NUTROC, the second product born in collaboration with Ciocomiti. A hazelnut cream, perfect to be spreaded on warm bread for breakfast in the morning. That is the way we like it, maybe our #monrocpeople will find other tasty combiantionto suggest us!

REDROC E WHITEROC, a red and a white wine born from the friendship and collaboration with Dorigati Winery, which has worked in the wine-making sector since 1858. We choose two wines: Rebo and Pinot Grigio: the first one has a distinctive and spicy taste and we reccomend it paired with roasts and game; the second one has a nice smell, fruity and floral which adapts well with light lunches and is great with appetizers and soups. We wait for you at the bar and at the restaurant for a taste accompanied by a selection of cheeses and cold meats of our Trentino. Our sommelier Cristian will guide you in the choice of the most suitable wine for you!

ROCBEER, a home brew produced by Val Rendena brewery, born from pure nature and care. A beer inspired to the Bavarian tradition, with a golden light colour.

We are proud that our idea has realized, we are happy of collaboration and friendship and we will be as much happy to present our delicacies to all the guests of Monroc. Bring home with you some Val di Sole and Trentino and keep Monroc in the heart! 

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