23 Jan 2020



In Val di Pejo, in the Skiarea Pejo 3000, an ambitious and sustainable project is taking place: to become PLASTIC FREE

You got it right, the Skiarea has made a green choice and has said NO to the plastic. No more plastic plates, glasses and straws...this is the first step towards a clean valley.

This is a very challenging project, and it is the first one taking place in Europe and worldwide. The aim is to free an entire Skiarea from plastic, which creates pollution that can seriously damage the mountain, its ecosystem and animals.

The idea and the willingness to do something were born after some scientific analysis that were made on the glacier. Research carried out by the University of Milan in April revealed that the Forni glacier contains between 131 and 162 million particles of plastic components, for a rate comparable to that of the European seas. This is a consequence of the human presence that affects the natural treasures of the Alps. Without targeted action to contain its spread, plastics are returned to humans in the form of environmental and health damage, then becoming part of our food chain.

The summit of the Val di Sole Tourist Agency have therefore decided to take action to create something concrete, proposing to Pejo 3000's operators to make their Skiarea the first in the world to ban plastic products.

This news makes us really proud because we are part of it and everyday we make some efforts to reduce the effect that our work could have on our land. You can be a part of it too, by helping us to safeguard and respect the beautiful world we are living in!

Our commitment is a "work in progress" and, step by step, we are taking up the way towards a greener world. 

It is a project that will require a lot of time and sacrifices, but with a small gesture from everyone we can change a lot.

Come on #monrocpeople, green is better!

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