27 Dec 2018



Val di Sole don't miss to astonish us and all the tourist who come to visit our valley!

On STAURDAY 05 JANUARY 2019  will be inaugurated the "ICE DOME", an igloo-room at 2.600 meters high, adapt to host 200 people. A real ice theater realized on the PRESENA by the american artist TIM LINHARDT. 

To inaugurate it will be the band from Trentino THE BASTARD SONS OF DIONISO, saturday 05 january at 4 pm, an unmissable event!

Yes, there will be ice everywhere: surrounding you, and also the same instruments, such us the violin, the violincello and the harpsichord are made only by ice; and to mantain all this, the temperature will be constantly at - 5 degrees. 

HOW TO REACH IT you were complaining about!? You just have to take the cablelift from Passo Tonale. And after the concerts, for who want, the dinner will be in the high bei the "Paradiso Restaurant". 

We reveal also to you the EVENTS CALENDAR which will be hosts in the new ice theater, which host also international guests.:

-05.01: THE BASTARD SONS OF DIONISO ( a Trentino rock band who were famous thanks to the TV programm X-factor).

-12.01: LORIS VESCOVO ( refined singer-songwriter from Friuli Venezia Giulia who won the Tenco award). 

-19.01: MIRKO PEDROTTI ( vibraharpist from Trentino, ecclectic musician between classic and modern).

-26.01: ALBORADA STRING QUARTET (refined archs quartet) 

-02.02: CRISTINA DONA' E ICE MUSIC TRIO ( singer and rock author)

-09.02: PASQUALE MIRRA & ICE MUSIC TRIO ( vibraharpist and composer most interesting of the italian and international jazz music)

-10.02: MAGNETIC STRING:  (artistic fellowship of string instruments)

-16.02: PATRIZIA LAQUIDARA: (singer and writer from Sicily). 

-23.02: EMANUELE LAPIANA QUARTET: ( renowned singer in the indie-pop italian world).

-02.03: ROBERTO TAUFIC ICE MUSIC TRIO: ( from Brasil a real talent of a big guitar player and composer) 

-09.03: RADIOTTANTA: ( all the magic of the '80 by your hands)

-17.03: NAOMI BERRILL TRIO: ( violoncellist from Ireland, international renowned). 

23.03: ALBERT HERA & ICE MUSIC TRIO: (extraordinary jazz composer). 

-30.03: ICE MUSIC PARTY (musical kermesse with the protagonists of the ICE MUSIC FESTIVAL).  

For further information and reservation you can directly talk with the CONSORZIO ADAMELLO SKI (THE RESERVATION IS COMPULSORY): 0364.92097 or 0364.92639.

Otherwise you can buy the tickets directly online: on the website 

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