20 Jun 2018




We are literally immersed with our feet on the snow but our though goes already to the next summer season. To the long and hot days, to the brilliant green of the woods and to the indescribable sensation we feelò every time we got on our mountain bike and we reach a mountain peak. 

So we have already planned an activities programm. 

Every day you will have an activity to chose and you will be accompained by Romina, Christian or by our helper, Attilio. We propose to you the activities we think they can let you explore the most beautigul places in the Stelvio National Park  and Dolomiti di Brenta. 

The are also some news...take a look!


- SUNDAY: explorer aperitif and we are gonna present to you our weekly programm with Attilio, our helper. During the late evening, we set off for a NIGHT EXCURSION with lanterns, until we reach a panoramic point with a breathtaking view. Have a look to the sky and you will be enchanted by the innumerable stars you will find.   

- MONDAY:  accompained trekking by Attilio, our helper in die Dolomiti di Brenta to reach the Vallesinella's waterfalls.  We will set off at 8.30, direction Madonna di Campiglio with its innumerable walkings and trekkings in the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta. It takes 5 hours with lunch in the refugee or, alternatively, we will bring with us our paked lunch. It's 10 km long; it costs € 15,00 only the excursion, whereas with paked lunch it costs € 20,00 per person. 

-TUESDAY: in the morning Giacomo, one of the bike guide of the "Centro Bike Val di Sole" will accompany you for an E-BIKE TOUR: we will go through the cyclepath until the inhabited of Pellizzano to go after on the normal street until the CAPRIOLI'S LAKE. There, we will also have a coffee break to continue our tour, back to Monroc at around 12.00 am. It costs € 25,00.

- WEDNESDAY: sunrise and breakfast in an alpine cottage living together the emotion of the sunrise on the peak. We will set off very early in the mornig, at 4.30 to reach Val di Peio with our bus and from there, we start our trekking. We will have a small but delicious breakfast with typical products such as

We assure you that we will reach the Covel lake you will be wrapped by magnificient colours and you will forgot about the very early rising. And ther is always a coffee to help you : ) We will come back at Monroc Hotel at arounf 12.00 am. 

- THURSDAY:  trekking excursion with Attilio. We will take the cableway, we will reach the Alpe Daolasa and than, along a beautiful path we will reach the laghi del Malghetto of Mezzana.  We will set off at 9 am and we will come back at around 3 pm. It costs € 15,00 per person (only the excursion); with lunch paket € 20,00 per person. 

-FRIDAY: unmissable aperitif in an alpine cottage of the #monrocpeople.  We will set off at 4.30 pm to reach Val di Rabbi. From here, with a trekking of 50 minutes we will reach the Stablasolo alpine cottage. The sunset, the herd that comes back from pasture, and a tempting aperitif with local cheese and cold cuts.  We will come back at around 7.30 pm. It costs € 15,00 per person. 

- SATURDAY: Attilio accompany you for a trekking in Val di Peio, along a suggestive path which goes along the Pian Palu's lake.We will set off from Monroc at 8.30 am. It takes 5 hours. It costs € 15,00 only the excursion, € 20,00 excursion + paked lunch. 

Our activities programm will be enriched by other activities such as trekking, hiking trails and thematic excursions. 


Also for this year comes bach the Trentino Guest Card and Opportunity Card which with only € 1,00 per day permits to all of you to use for free all the public transports, the Dolomiti Express train, the service TRAIN + BIKES, all the cableways Val di Sole ( Daolasa, Peio3000, Tonale-Presena). And entrance to all the museums and castles. 

Now you can start to imagine your vacation in Val di Sole, Trentino. We will do our best to let you live a memorable holiday. 


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