21 Dec 2016



Tablà.. our wellness idea

Today we want to present you our Tablà wellness & beauty. Let's start from the name, we chose it because in our dialect it means farmstead, which is used by the farmers to dry the hay. 

The name reminds us the intense fragrance of the hay, warmed up by the sun and let rest in our granparents farmstead in Ortisè. We wanted to create a place like this, where as soon as you open the door the natural wellness sensation is enveloping and hot.

In this space the exploration is internal, a sequence of good sensations, ideal to cuddle your soul and your body. You will find 3 different relax areas.  In the first one the hay and his fragrance are the protagonists, whereas the second one has an intense balsamic fragrance due to the cirmolo wood. This kind of wood is a powerful means of wellness, able to improve the sleep and to lower the heart rate. The relaxing properties of cirmolo, known for centuries, are due to an essential oil emanated from the wood. 

And than the Finnish sauna, the emotional showers, the steam bath, kneipp and from this year the spectacular jacuzzi. Our wellness center is a place designed and dedicate to rest and relax. This is our wellness concept. And your well-being ritual. 

Welcome in your relax moment

Our Spa Manager Caterina, along with Silvia, knows perfectly how to cuddle you and what to recommend you for a total and deep wellness. We introduced new massages, treatments and products that are more emotional, with a stronger and more lasting character.

The massages proposed by Caterina are a real cuddle for you! We suggest you to try the candle massage with hot oils: the candle effect which melt releases a hot and soft texture, ideal to massage, nourish and hydrate your skin.

Othewise one of the Monroc Body rituals with coffee, goat milk, Alpine herbs or  mixed berries. You can choose the fragrance you like most, as well as the vegetal oils or creams compactness, than you have only to abandon yourself to the perfect gesture of our beauty experts. 

And..for the most romantic..what about amazing your girlfriend with a couple treatment? It will be a couple trip, an exporation of emotions and wellness sensations , an unforgettable memory to share with the person you love.

These are only few cues about the wellness treatments our beauty experts propose you. 

And now...relax. There is more to explore also in a peace status, soul and body serenity. Listen to your sensations, forget the outside world and take care of yourself.

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