26 Jan 2017



Today, we have though a concept of perfect holiday, we identify ourself with the tourists that choose Val di Sole to live an unique, authentic and emotional experience. We want that our #monrocpeople can live a real explorer holiday and for this reason we are already thinking about summer, to plan our activities calendar in the best way.  

In this appointment, Marika, our receptionist, had thought about 6 suggestion for you.  We have asked her to think about some advices she will give you once you arrive at Monroc Hotel. Please have a look!

1) TIBETAN BRIDGE AND SAENT WATERFALLS in Val di Rabbi: in this case we have match the innovation together with tradition. the tibetan bridge is the news of summer 2015: it is a suspended bridge of 100 mt which overlook the Ragaiolo waterfalls. We assure you, it will be a unique experience to cross it .Once you arrive from the other side of it, you have to continue the path.  The last tract is a little more diffilcult, but it worth it because the beauty that will wait you is really amazing: Saent Waterfalls.

2) CASOLET: is the typical product of Val di Sole, Slow Food safeguard. We suggest you to visit the Presanella cheese factory in Mezzana to have a taste of this kind of cheese, made in different versions: classic, with walnuts, with aromatic herbs and with chili peppers. It is extraordinary with salty and sweet combinations, superlative with a flute of Trento DOC. Asf for the recipe book at the reception!  

3) CYCLEPATH IN VAL DI SOLE:  it covers all the valley, from Mostizzolo to Cogolo, 35 km of path, near the Noce stream. For those less trained, we suggest the descent tract until Mostizzolo and than, you turn back with the train and in 20 minutes you are back at Monroc.

4) THE SUNDIALS: in Monclassico. It is a tour  through this typical mountain's village  to discover more than 50 sundials on  the external of private homes. It is a real trip to discover the inner art, history of the village and the creative inspiration of these artists.  

5) RAFTING: in an "active" holiday can't be missed the adrenaline! For this reason we suggest you to try a descent on the Noce stream, mentioned also by the National Geographic as one of the most beautiful river of Europa for the practice of this kind of sport. Rely on one of the 5 specialized centres, that will suggest the perfect tract for you!

6) STILFS NATIONAL PARK: mountain is synonimus of free walks in the middle of the uncontaminated Val di Rabbi and Val di Peio: untouched nature, majestic landscape and clear sky. Once you arrive at Monroc ask for the activities calendar. Weekly we organise 3 accompained excursions in this fantastic scenary. 

It's the case to say.. THERE IS MORE TO EXPLORE in #sunvalley?

Till next week, with the advices of Romina!

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