07 Nov 2023



December is getting closer, and with it also the Trentino's magic Christmas atmosphere is coming.

As usual, the events are countless, but we leave you here the most beautiful:

OSSANA, THE VILLAGE OF THE CRIBS: Now a fixed appointment every year in Val di Sole, just 10 minutes by car from MONROC. The village of Ossana is populated with all kinds of figurines and nativity scenes. There are more than a thousand to see, linked by a red thread that will guide you. There will also be a small Christmas market, with local and traditional products displayed in the typical wooden houses. The exceptional protagonist and real beating heart of the event is also the San Michele Castle. Enter the castle and discover the particular nativity scene created within its walls: it will tell you about soldiers and trenches, recalling episodes that really happened on a Christmas night during the First World War. From December 1st to January 7th 2024.

RANGO CHRISTMAS MARKETS: Val Rendena. It takes a couple of hours by car to reach it but it's worth it. The small village of Rango is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy and during the Christmas period it also becomes magical. A village that has remained as it was, with stone and wooden houses, the hallways that once housed the stables and cows, the "portech", the characteristic "volti". An unusually typical and magically authentic market, including agricultural tools, wooden toys and peasant specialties. Christmas here truly becomes a fairy tale to visit. From November 18th to December 31st 2023.

TRENTO CHRISTMAS MARKETS: these are now a must, every year they attract thousands and thousands of visitors from all over Italy and beyond. From MONROC you can reach them in 50 minutes by car or comfortably with the Dolomiti Express, so you can enjoy a few extra cups of mulled wine :) The magic of Christmas blends with the history and traditions of the city, to give life to a unique event . The famous wooden houses will color Piazza Fiera and Piazza Battisti. And, very importantly, the Trento Christmas Market is attentive to environmental sustainability: it boasts the presence of exhibitors with solid artisan roots and attentive to the enhancement of local food and wine, who know how to refer to the past, also offering ideas aimed at the future. From November 18th to January 7th 2024.

ARCO CHRISTMAS MARKETS: the beautiful town of Arco also comes alive in this period and is filled with stalls with food and wine specialties and local handcraft products. For those who want to immerse themselves in the Christmas atmosphere, walking through the alleys of the historic center, tasting the flavors of tradition, choosing gifts and waiting for the moment when they can be exchanged, we suggest a stop here too. Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from MONROC. From November 17th to January 7th 2024.

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