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We want you to feel safe about your next experience at Monroc starting from now. For this reason, we’ve implemented new security measures to let you live your holiday with the lightness that it deserves.

We ask you a bit of cooperation, as we’ve asked to our staff, to respect some simple rules.



We’ve trained our staff on the new rules about the access to MONROC, the cleanliness and sanification of spaces and equipments, their presence in the rooms during the service.



  • A couple of days before your arrival, we will send you an e-mail with a form where you can enter your data for the check-in. We kindly ask you to enter the correct data of all the members.
  • We kindly ask you to wear the face mask from the moment you arrive. The use of face mask is compulsory in the common areas (reception, hallways, garage etc). The use of face mask is not compulsory while sitting at the table, in your room and in the garden.
  • At the desk we will give you your room’s key (the keys are sanitized every time there is a new guest and the key holders are disposable) and some information. If it will be possible, we will show you your room.
  • The frequent hand-washing has become by now a daily occurence, therefore we kindly ask you to sanitize your hands before entering the hotel, the restaurant and the SPA.
  • At the moment of check-out we kindly ask you to keep the safety distance of 1 mt from the other guests, to wear the face mask and to come alone to avoid gatherings.
  • In the event that, during your stay, you present symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, we kindly ask you to promptly communicate it to the reception (from 7.30 am to 10 pm). We ask you to stay in your room and to avoid every contact with other people (staff and other guests of MONROC). Don’t open the windows and don’t go on the balcony. We will get in touch with the health autorities.






Cleaning and sanification of common spaces

  • Hallways, stairs, halls, common spaces are cleaned at regular intervals, at least 2 times a day. The same system is applied (according to their level of use) to all the items and equipment that are frequently used by guests, such as handles, buttons and so on.
  • Floors are cleaned and sanitized with certified chemicals which are appropriated for each type of material.
  • The hand-sanitizing gel will be available in all the common spaces (reception, entrance, restaurant, garage, SPA).
  • The use of shared objects will be limited to the minimum necessary. Every object that will be provided will be sanitized daily (for example sunbeds…).
  • All the spaces are properly ventilated. As it was built recently, MONROC is equipped with a new system of air circulation (antibacterial and antiallergic system).


Cleaning and sanification of the rooms

  • Your room will be cleaned and sanitized everyday with certified chemicals.
  • We firmly believe that an accurate daily cleaning is a very good practice, therefore the refusal of cleaning and sanification of your room will not be allowed (unless you have valid reasons).
  • The cleaning staff will wear personal protective equipment (gloves, face masks, shoes that can be sanitized).
  • In order to preserve the envirorment, we don’t use disposable stuff. During the cleaning of the rooms, we use different cloths with different colours for every area of the room. After the cleaning of each room, all the cloths are changed and washed at 90°. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, all the cleanig equipment is sanitized after the cleaning of each room.
  • During cleaning operations, we kindly ask you to wait outside your room.
  • During cleaning operations, the room will be properly ventilated. The air circulation system is present in all the rooms too.
  • As soon as the guest leaves, the room will be entirely sanitized with certified products.
  • The staff will wear new gloves before starting the cleaning operation and they will be changed after every operation.
  • All the surfaces that have come into contact with the guest (bedside tables, desk, chiars, tables, bathroom fixture, TV remote control, handles, buttons, wardrobe) will be cleaned and sanitized.
  • In case of change of linen, the used linen (sheets and towels) will be put in a closed container, that will be kept separated from the trolley with the clean linen. Dirty and clean linen will always be separated and will never come into contact with each other.
  • The cleaning equipment (cloths, wipes and what is needed to clean and remove the dust) will be previously treated with a 2% sodium hypochlorite solution for 10 minutes.



Administration and preparation of food

  • In the restaurant we guarantee the safety distance between the tables and the maximum capacity, based on the room’s width.
  • Tables will be distanced in order to respect the safey measure. Distancing is not required for people belonging to the same family, for people who share the room or the same living unit.
  • The daily menu is prepared for your own use and it will be sanitized every day by the staff.
  • All the members of the restaurant staff will be wearing the face mask. The frequent sanitation of the hands with the alcoholic gel is an established practice.
  • Cutlery and glasses are washed at a temperature of 90° with sanitizing chemicals.
  • Our tasty buffet breakfast will have a new shape, but we don’t give up our selection. We kindly ask you to wear the mask, sanitize you hand at the beginning of our buffet and wait your turn . 
  • The tools used for the service (bread’s basket, seasonings, single-dose sugar sachets) will be available and they will be sanitized after each use.
  • In order to help our staff to clean and sanitize the restaurant for the breakfast of the day after, we kindly ask you to leave the restaurant within 10 pm. You can sit at the bar, in the explorroom or in the terrace.


Food and drinks preparation

  • All the members of the kitchen staff wear face mask and gloves
  • Everytime the gloves are changed and removed, the staff will wash heir hands. Hand washing gives a better protection from infections than the use of disposable gloves.
  • As it is customary, all the surfaces and tools that are frequently in contact with food will be regularly sanitized.



Use of SPA and Beauty Center


You will always have to use the towel to lie down on the relaxation loungers and to sit in the sauna.

We maintain and ask you to maintain a distance of 2 meters between people except for members of the same family and for people staying in the same room.

  • Our SPA is operational and the staff will be wearing personal protection equipment (face masks and visor). Massages and treatment are under appointment, as usual.
  • We kindly ask you to wear the face mask during the treatments. Its use is not compulsory during face treatments (they will be performed by the operator with disposable gloves).


Monroc Hotel in Val di Sole: a hotel for explorers in Trentino

We want your stay at Monroc to be an experience hard to tell. We want it to be an experience that brings each guest to live it without the need of words. Perceptions, senses, the vibrant sensation of feeling alive and present in the moment. That is all you need and all you will feel.

We want Monroc to be your home base to explore Val di Sole. You choose the way: by bike, by foot, with rafting or with ski, up or downhill. Your outdoor day will be full of emotions and adrenaline but when you come back comfort and relaxation will be waiting for you. We have designed every space to give you a really cozy sensation.

They said we have achieved it.. you should come and explore it! THERE IS MORE TO EXPLORE

MONROC offers & proposals

True holiday offers for true explorers in Val di Sole, Trentino. Just for a different holiday on the mountain, sking, biking, discovering mountain lifestyle and traditions of Val di Sole.


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We have a an adoration for every kind of explorer. If you already are or if you would like to feel like a real explorer and you're dreaming about a perfect holiday on the mountains, choose Val di Sole at the base of Dolomiti di Brenta... And choose MONROC as your basecamp, of course. Write us for any information or quotation.

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How to reach us

Dove siamo Dove siamo

The best way to reach MONROC is most likely by train. From the stop Daolasa to the hotel door you need to walk for only 50 meters. The Trento-Malè railway line of  Val di Sole links Val di Sole and Val di Non to Trento. Trento is connected to the national and international rail network through the Brenner, and is served by all high-speed trains of TrenItalia. See here schedules and terms of service of Trento Malè.

Unfortunately at MONROC we do not have a tourism heliport yet. Val di Sole is however linked to the major airports in northern Italy (Verona, Venice, Bergamo, Treviso, Milan) via transfer services. From major airports you can still reach Val di Sole by train.

If you come by car you should know that you can park it (and forget it) in our garage. Val di Sole is accessible by car from the A22 highway (exit S. Michele all’Adige, follow directions to Val di Non and Val di Sole). Or from Tonale Pass or Campo Carlo Magno Pass (Madonna di Campiglio).

In front of MONROC there is the cycle lane of Val di Sole (but also the downhill track, 4cross and various MTB itineraries). But if you’re travelling with your  bike the Transalp or the the Brenta Dolomites Bike or any other cycle tour and you want to stop at MONROC, you can reach us by following the cycle lane that runs through the valley (Daolasa).

MONROC is probably the most comfortable place to arrive to and to leave with skis in hand. If you're following a ski tour in the SKI Area Campiglio Dolomites and want to stop at MONROC for one or more nights, arriving with your skis on is simple. The departure station of the cablecar Daolasa is right outside the door of MONROC, two steps away!

Why not? You can get to MONROC by foot too, like a true explorer. If you are doing one of the countless alpine trekkings you are always welcome at MONROC. You can reach us also from the valley floor by following the cycle lane (Daolasa).