31 Mar 2023



A blanket to spread out on the grass, something tasty to eat and nature all around you. Here are the ingredients for a perfect picnic.

Indeed, one is missing: the place. We tell you what our favorites are.

- COVEL LAKE, Val di Pejo.

A small body of water that can be reached with a medium difficulty walk. Leave in the direction of Pejo Paese and leave the car near the ancient Austro-Hungarian cemetery of the Great War. From there, follow the signs for Lago di Covel, the malga and the waterfall. The first part is a bit uphill but then the route becomes relatively flat until you reach the first small "masi" (old farmhouses) that dot the surrounding meadows. In just over an hour you will reach the lake, where you can enjoy your well-deserved snack.

- ORTISE' AND MENAS, Val di Sole.

Small villages clinging to the mountain where it seems that time has stopped. You can get in the car, leaving it at the beginning of Ortisè, and then walk through the narrow streets of these small villages. Best place to stop? At the end of the village of Menas, continue on the white road and dive into the grass of the green expanses that surround it. It will be a break with a view of the Brenta Dolomites and the Presanella peak.


Val di Rabbi is all wonderful, but if you want a truly breathtaking place for your picnic, our advice is to go to Prà di Saent. It's true, you have to walk a bit, but in this way the snack will be even better after the effort of the climb. You can leave your car in the Colèr car park and start walking from there, following the path on the orographic left of the Rabbies stream. In about an hour you will find yourself upstream of Malga Stablasolo and a few meters from the majestic Saent waterfalls. Hold on and continue to climb, another hour or so of walking and a spectacular view will open up in front of you.


This is the best place for the hottest days, when you want to escape the heat and regenerate yourself in the shade of the trees and caressed by the breeze from the Meledrio stream. There are many ways to reach this beautiful place, our favorite is on a bike. You can leave directly from MONROC, through the villages of Almazzago and Costa Rotian until you take the "Sentiero della Lec" in the woods which will take you directly into the middle of this small valley just after the village of Dimaro in about 40 minutes. Continuing downhill for a few more meters you will find yourself in the new picnic area where you can take a well-deserved break :)

Stop by the reception to book your Explorer backpack, full of delights from the MONROC cuisine, and we'll give you all the directions to reach these places!

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