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If we think about mountains, we immediately think about walking in the woods, trekking at high altitude, rivers and streams, which flow in a pure environment 

Trentino is well known also for the presence of many castles. In particular we remind you the event organized by the Apt Val di Non, "THE TRAIN OF THE CASTLES", thanks to it you can embark on this journey and discover the history and the art of Trentino, by leaving from the majestic THUN CASTLE in Non Valley, to the private residence VALER CASTLE in Tassullo (Val di Non), until the arrival in Sun Valley with the CASTLE OF CALDES and  the one of SAN MICHELE in OSSANA. Between the visits to the castles, you can savor a healthy breakfast proposed by Melinda and Latte Trento. For further information, we suggest you to visit the following website: 

If you want to visit independently the above-mentioned castles, we will give to you all the information and the directions to reach them: starting the journey from THUN CASTLE, which was a majestic residence of one of the most powerful feudal families of the region. It is located on a hill with a breathtaking view on Non Valley: in its spacious interiors you are going to discover lots of rooms, which all preserve the antique furniture and an interesting exhibition of paintings of the family. Noteworthy, the room of the bishop, which is entirely covered by stonepine wood, with coffered ceiling and a monumental door (1574). It was inhabitated by the bishop Sigismondo Alfonso Thun.

By continuing the journey, you will arrive at the private residence of VALER CASTLE , located in Tassullo, also in Non Valley, which is a Medieval castle of Roman originis,  that was built between the XIII and the XVI century at the foot of the Dolomites of Brenta.  From 1438 the castle is property of the Spaur family and nowadays is used primarly as events location. The mentioned castle is composed of 88 rooms which are completely furnished with antique furniture, 2 chapels, 3 terraces and several gardens, surrounded by 10 hectares of  plots of lands: through guided tours you can enter and discover the inner parts of the castle, places full of history and traditions such as the St.Valerio chapel, the horses room, the bridge, the courtyards, the gardens, the cellar, the gothic kitchen and the adjacent offices, the lodge.

The journey continues towards Val di Sole, which boasts the presence of 2 castles: starting from CALDES CASTLE, which immediately catches the eyes at the entrance of the village exposed on the Noce River, for its geometrical shape, result of the encounter of different styles: Venetian, German and Lombard. The inner part of the castle results particularly interesting and fascinating thanks to vaulted ceilings, and fresco rooms. The castle is enveloped by the legend which tells the drammatic end of  Olinda, actually identifiable with the little countess of Marianna Elisabetta Thun. The young princess was imprisoned by her father because she refused the love of her future husband, dedicating instead her attentions to a ministrel. The legend narrates that her father killed the ministrel Arunte and then also Olinda died, after having painted the walls of her tiny room with precious frescos. The events and the commemorations of this legend fill up the summer events of Sun Valley.

By continuing towards Sun Valley, we will reach the village of Ossana, where is located the SAN MICHELE CASTLE, which is on a crag, that made it inaccesible. 

We suggest you to go there with your mountain bike along the cycle path or on Thursday evening for the event NIGHT AT THE CASTLE. During the months of July and August, the castle hosts in its gardens an event which combines live music and tastes of wines from Trentino.


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