07 Mar 2019



"The chocolate is an art, working it in the best way is our work but also our most important passion".

Just starting from this though is born in 2014 the chocolate shop "Ciocomiti", from the brilliant idea of the Fedrizzi's family.

A passion which soon became a reality: following the traditional art of the chocolate, it employs the best raw materials by selecting them all over the world. 

For us it is an absolute warranty, synonymous of handmade and local quality. All the production of Ciocomiti takes place in Val di Sole, in Malè, in the brand new Innovation Center, a reality that gives space and voice to all the companies that create something original, and which is a reason of pride for our region. Our aim is just that, in other words to highlight the potentialities of Val di Sole and Trentino through all the local products. We decided to undertake this collaboration because we strongly believe in the ideals and in the potentialities of this region.

We decided to create some products branded Monroc, in order to let you "bite" and taste these delicacies from Val di Sole on your way back home. The first one is called CiocoROC: they are chocolate bars, in two different variants, dark chocolate with dried strawberries and milk chocolate covered with hazelnuts, just as we like!

The second product is our NutROC, a delicious nuts' spread to enrich your breakfasts and your afternoon breaks. The last creation is the CiocoAPPLE, small delicacies made of sundried apples covered with dark chocolate. 

Each product is thought to gift you with various and different sensations to be combined with the flavours of our territory. 

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