08 Apr 2019



During Middle Ages, beer was believed to treat diseases, to prevent jinx, to break curses, to defeat evil spirits and demons.

This is somehow and simbolically true also today. To have a beer with friends is the best remedy against sadness and bad days.

Here at Monroc we thought about every small detail, therefore a branded beer couldn't be missing among our products. This beer was born from the partnership with Val Rendena brewery.

The Val Rendena brewery puts together tradition and old recipies with modern processing techniques, in order to create a product that reflects the features of our territory. A territory where uncontaminated nature and absolutely pure water are the main ingredients.

A bond, the one between old flavours and purity of our land, that always leaves an impression. 

And our ROCBEER, we can proudly say it, has all the qualities to make you feel all these things.

It's an elegant and pleasant session-beer that doesn't follow latest trends. No exotic hops, no overflowing bitterness, no heaviness. The ROCBEER recalls the Bavarian tradition, proposing a golden-blonde beer with a soft and white foam. 

By the sense of smell, the wildflowers' and the hop's delicate herbaceous scents immediately stand up, together with the malt aroma. The taste discloses a balance between the sweet parts of the malt and the soft bitterness of the hop. 

You can sip a ROCBEER in the warmth of our bar during winter, or under the blue sky and the sun in summer... you can always find an excuse to enjoy a bit of relax.

And, at the end of your holiday, take a piece of Monroc and Trentino with you, to organize aperitifs with your friends. Everyone agrees on the ROCBEER. We enjoy it together with small bread slices, local speck and Casolet. A match that recalls the simple but at the same time intense flavours of our tradition, you definetely have to try it!

Monroc, there is beer to explore!



According to a legend, beer was "invented" by a woman who left on the outside a bowl of cereals. The rain led to a spontaneous maceration, then to the fermentation thanks to yeasts and sun's heat.

The first quotes about beer date back to ancient Mesopotamia. If we want to give the beer a date of birth, we can place it between 5000 and 4000 b.C. Beer had a key role in the life of that time's people.  It was so important that King Hammurabi spoke about it in its  famous codex: Hammurabi's rules establish that beer can be sold only in exchange of cereals with the proportion of 5/6 of litre of cereal for a litre of beer.


In Old Norse culture, beer was the beverage that gave strength to the warriors and was drink during feasts to celebrate the deads, to pay homage to the divinity for a victory and to gain more power for the following battle.

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