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After a ski-day, you can really feel your muscles tired. It's only physical tiredness because your mind is certainly light after a day outdoors.

And the best way to loosen your muscles and relax your bosy is, without a doubt, a massage performed by our Beauty specialists.

Below you will find a couple of ideas.

AROMATIC MASSAGE with Alps' essences.

Imagine the warm oil that melts and relaxes, but also try to imagine the intense scent of our alpine fragrances. You can choose between hay, mountain pine and swiss stone pine.

The first one is delicate, the other two are balsamic. They are all produced by a small laboratory in Val Sarentino, in Alto Adige. We tell you about these Trehs signed perfumes.

Swiss pine oil has a proven calming effect on the skin and heart. In the presence of the waning moon in December, the farmers of the Val Sarentino cut the stone pines. In this period the tree, at rest, holds precious substances in the heart of the wood. The essential oil of pine, with its calming action, corroborates the immune system: this line for body care, therefore, relaxes and promotes the natural balance of the skin, while the warm and resinous aroma instills harmony and balance.

50 minutes you wish would never end. You will be completely regenerated. To amplify this sensation, enter the wellness area, drink a hot herbal tea and lie down in the pine relaxation area, built with panels of this wood. You will fall in love with this wonderful perfume.

Now we tell you about the hay. A handful of alpine hay contains up to 80 plant species, grown in the pure mountain air of the Alpe di Siusi, where they develop their particular effectiveness. Every two years, untreated hay is mowed and distilled into an essence that concentrates numerous essential oils, minerals, trace elements, proteins and starches. These highly energizing vital substances stimulate body and mind, while the pleasant aroma of herbs refreshes and provides natural well-being.

After this hay massage you can instead choose the hay relaxation area, relax and breathe in its aroma.

And what about the mountain pine? The Val Sarentino mountain pine grows on its wide alpine expanses. The extreme changes in temperature and the particular position enrich the essential oil with over one hundred precious active ingredients: in fact, it has a stimulating, purifying and revitalizing action. This body care line improves blood circulation to the skin, hydrates it and promotes the body's natural balance, while the resinous aroma with fresh forest notes invigorates the entire body.

You are spoiled for choice. We are biased, we love the stone pine.


Between heaven and earth because we take care of the upper and lower part of your body. Head and feet. Emotions and thoughts.

This massage is perfect for relieving tension in the neck, shoulders and face. After a day whizzing down the slopes, you'll need to loosen and warm up your face muscles too.

You'll see what a wonderful feeling when the whole upper part is relaxed, even the head will feel lighter. Once that's sorted out, let's move on to the feet, considered by the philosophy of reflexology, the mirror of our whole body. Well-being will be total.

For this 40-minute massage, we use warm sweet almond oil and Dr Vitalis' Inner Balance synergy for the face, neck and shoulders. This noble composition of natural essential oils calms the mind and makes negative thoughts disappear. Essential oils such as bitter orange, clary sage and grapefruit are known for their beneficial effect on nervous tension and stress. Atlas cedar and rose have a harmonizing and strengthening effect. Give yourself this cuddle in the evening, your sleep will be deep and restful.

Book your moment of well-being and ask our beauty specialists for advice, they will indicate you the best treatment for you.

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