05 Apr 2023



Today we're talking about a recent trend that has very ancient roots in Japanese culture.

We are talking about FOREST BATHING, the western version of the eastern "Shinrin-Yoku". It is a practice used to recover psycho-physical well-being through direct immersion in nature, a real "bath" in the forest to enhance the potential of its fusion with man.

Among the benefits that have been widely demonstrated are:

  • benefits for the cardiovascular system,
  • reduction of stress hormones,
  • improved mood and cognitive functions,
  • positive action on the immune system.

So in a nutshell walking in the woods is THERAPEUTIC. This is because the leaves and wood of the trees release aromatic substances and essential oils which have a positive effect on our body and mind. We could talk about NATURAL AROMATHERAPY, which, in addition to the effects on the body, gives a pleasant sensation of peace and tranquility.

Today this practice in Trentino is often combined with another one that is becoming more and more popular: BAREFOOT WALKING.

Walking barefoot helps to reconnect with nature. Walking barefoot is an experience made of mechanics, physical and mental strength, emotions, concentration, poetry and silence. Walking barefoot in nature develops mental attention and balance of the body, improves blood circulation and above all develops rooting with the Earth.

In Val di Rabbi, in the Stelvio National Park, there is a beautiful place to try this experience: it is the new Park Therapy path in Località Coler, to be done completely BAREFOOT. It is a about 500 mt. portion of the forest in which earth, moss, grass, dry fir cones, smooth river stones, larch and fir trunks are mixed to end with clear and frozen spring water. In order to fully enjoy this wonderful experience, we recommend that you take the journey without rushing, maintaining a slow pace, savoring every element you touch and come into contact with.

On Tuesday our morning-trekking will start right there, to start the day slowly and in harmony with nature that will accompany you along the way.

So take some time, take off your shoes, listen to the sounds of the forest, breathe its essence and hug a tree. Turn off your mind and turn on your senses.

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