05 Feb 2023



Today we want to tell you about a place that is particularly important to us, an happy place that we will let you know this summer.

It is a place "on the top", on the Camocina peak, a place of peace and beauty. We are talking about the "bait della Plantola or Bait Germano" at 1890 meters above sea level. This small wooden cabin was built by our grandfather Germano as a refuge during his explorations in the mountains above Commezzadura.

To get there it takes about 9 km for a drop of 1000 meters, not really an easy walk but a real trekking which, however, once you get to the top, repays you with an incredible view of the valley and the opposite Brenta Dolomites.

Our grandfather had built it with the help of his brother and some of his friends in 1973, he always left it open and every time he went up he rearranged it trying to make it as welcoming as possible for those passing by who wanted to rest and drink a coffee.

In 1993 that cabin was burned down out of spite. Needless to say about our grandfather's displeasure.

Our father Luciano and our uncle Franco wanted to rebuild it and so in the summer of 1997 it was completed. Our grandfather never saw it finished, it had been several years since he was no longer able to climb to high altitudes but he was happy all the same. Happy that there was still a small safe shelter on that peak. A place to rest and warm up in the sun while your gaze flies over the Val di Sole.

This beautiful place can also be reached from the path of the secular larches, starting from the village of Menas, easier because it is at high altitude and with little difference in altitude. And that's exactly where our Thursday trekking with Attilio will start!

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