20 Apr 2022



Here we are, from May 28th we willbe ready to start exploring again.

So we leave you here some ideas for the early summer weekends, for an outdoor start of season. 

3 themed weekends, dedicated to what we love the most: outdoor activities, and here in Val di Sole the possibilities are so many. The VAL DI SOLE OUTDOOR DAYS await you.

Let's start with the first one, the VAL DI SOLE BIKEFEST: THE OPENING. When? From June 3rd to 5th. Where? Here in Daolasa, right outside MONROC's door.  A rich program of activities and guided excursions to discover all the possibilities on 2 wheels in Val di Sole:

  • GRAVITY: rush of adrenaline along the Black Snake, like the world cup riders;
  • MTB: to discover the best tracks and trails of Val di Sole;
  • EASY: riding along the cycle path along the Noce river.

And, as a frame, the extraordinary opening of the BIKE PARK VAL DI SOLE and the Daolasa cable lift.

Let's now move on to WATER DAYS, 3 days of activities related to the world of water (June 10th to 12th). Here are some examples of what awaits you:

  • sunset on a rubber boat on the waves of the river Noce, with an aperitif, music and good food at the Rafting Centers in the valley;
  • adrenaline-pumping activities proposed by the Rafting Centers (rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning ..);
  • opening of the Fruscìo sensory Path in Val di Rabbi with the special participation of the Sasso Rosso Choir (and for us this is one of the TOP EXPERIENCES for summer 2022!);
  • guided trekking and bike excursions along the waterways to discover the sources that inspired the Uno Di Un Milione project

And, last but not least, the TREK DAYS, for mountain and nature lovers (perfect for our explorers!). From June 16th to 19th:

  • author trekking accompanied by some of the most interesting mountaineers and writers;
  • suggestive excursions of the MuoverSì program to discover the most fascinating places in the valley;
  • walks towards the huts at sunset, to enjoy good music and excellent dinners with local products;
  • music at dawn in the mountain huts;
  • screening of themed films directly from the Trento Film Festival;
  • opening of the photographic exhibition at Castel Caldes with the focus on man and the mountains. Until the beginning of October, the castle will host an exhibition of historical photographs from the 1950s to the present day, by Steve McCurry, Robert Capa, George Rodger, Kudelka, Ferdinando Scianna, Henri Cartier-Bresson and others.

3 weekends for true explorers, 3 weekends to be lived outdoors, try the sport you like the most or get close to what excites you but you haven't had time to try yet.

Stay tuned #monrocpeople, we will keep you posted with all the news but we think there are all the conditions to start the summer season in a great way!

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