01 Jan 2018



Living slow the mountains it is a question of mentality, rather not, of snow rackets!

The so-called "ciaspole" permits you to reach fantastic places in the middle of nature and immaculate snow, that otherwise, you can't achieve withouth the help of them: they permits you to cross snowfields, in a slow and soft way, because the structure of the snow rackets touch down the snow and than it lift it up!

The word "Ciaspole" is a word which comes from the dialect of Val di Non, which entered in the common language thanks to the success of the "Ciaspolada": it is a competitive and not competitive race, which punctually on the 06 january, the Epiphany day, recalls in the high part of  Val di Non , thousand of athletes which competes for the victory, but also simple participants or spectators, lovers of this discipline. 

The ciaspole,or better known like snow rackets permitted to all the mountains lovers, not lovers of the ski, to frequent it also during the winter season: in the ancient times, they represented the only way through which the people move themself from one place to another: they were made with an external base of wood, and another part composed of  a twist of small ropes, and to fix the foot a kind of ribbon. 

Obviously, you don't find this kinf of rackets! They let the space to a more evolute and comfortable models, in aluminium or plastic!

Our valley, Val di Sole, and in general the whole Trentino are perfect places to practice this kind of sport: the snowfalls of the last week, took with them a fresh mantle of snow, perfect to practice this activity: walking on the snow requests a big effort, but once you start to walk with the hel of the sticks, it looks like something extraordinary!

The paths which adapt better to this kind of activity are innumerable here in Val di Sole!

Starting from Friday 29 December, Romina will acoompany you all the fridays until the end of March. We will set off at 2 pm for an excursion with snow rackets in the nature, direction Val di Rabbi ( until Stablasolo alpine cottage) . Beyond of trying the beautiful experience of moving yourself in the snow with this ancient tool, for sure it is gonna be an occasion to learn and to be acquainted with the antural aspects of the Stelvio National Park. It will be an excursion that lasts something like 2,30 hours: we will set off from Monroc Hotel at 2 pm, we will transfer with our minibus until the locality called Plan, and, from here,we will start our walk. It costs € 10,00 per person with snow rackets rental. 

We warmly suggest you to try at leats once this experience, shoot some pictures and use our hashtags #monrocpeople and #thereismoretoexplore. 


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