06 Nov 2018



Do you need a different weekend on the mountains? A weekend narrowing Christmas time? We will give you some suggestions in order to clarify your ideas about how to spend your time in Val di Sole. 

The first days of december smell of something different, something special, it can be the Christmas atmosphere or the possibility to live this paradise without so many people. The skiers have at disposal all the slopes of the Skiarea but in reality the exploring possibilities are innumerable.

1.SNOWSHOES and SLED DESCENTS: we are ready, every wednesday morning Romina will wait for you for a snowshoes excursion on the mountain. We will walk through enchanting places in the middle of the Stelvio National Park or by walking in the Brenta Dolomites. We will walk for about 1, 30 hour, we will make a stop in a refuge to drink something hot on our way back. The photos will be magnificient and we are sure that you will enjoy this experience at all. 

On friday afternoon there will be a walk until  Fratte alpine cottagage, a sweet snack on the way back on the sled. Are you ready for an adrenalinic experience in the middle of the woods?! We forgot to tell you...during the way we will cross the suspended bridge. You will find the best place for your instagram stories:-) 

2.OSSANA, THE NATIVITY SCENES VILLAGE, for you that you want to visit the Christmas markets and you don't miss one of ut, from this year you have to visit it. Starting from the 30 of November every weekend the village animate itself with spectacles, theatrical lectures, the markets and the house of Santa Claus. After a walk crossing the 100 nativity scenes you can make a stop at the market, sinkink a hot drink, maybe of "Vin Brulè" while tasting one of the local small patries. This market is very small but preserve it's authenticity. 

3. WINE AND CHEESE TASTING: every tuesday afternoon, Cristian, our restaurant maitre and sommelier, will propose to you different kind of cheese to be combined with different local wines. For all the wine lovers, but also for all the people who are interested in this subject, we strongly suggest to take part to this appointment! And then we will give you all the right advices to enjoy a wine cellar tour of Trentino. 

4. TRENTINO CELLAR TOUR: always more guests love to make a tour in the best wine cellars of Trentino. An excellent idea to pass an alternative morning. And now you are thinking about the difficulties you are going to bump into while tasting and driving. But we have also for this time the right solution for you because in front of Monroc there is the stop of the Dolomiti Express which will bring you to Mezzocorona, where you can visit the Dorigati wine cellar, or to San Michele all'Adige, where you can visit the Edmund Mach fundation or the Endrizzi wine cellar which offers  you delicious wine tasting solutions. But in the reality there are plenty of wine cellars to visit. For everyone. 

5. A MASSAGE IN OUR TABLA' WELLNESS CENTERMADE BY OUR BEAUTY SPECIALIST: during our stop period, the beauty therapists are thinking about the new treatments to propose to you. This autumn they specialized in the "resonanz treatment" to the back of the Dr. Vitalis with the tibetan bells. We will give you more detailed information of this treatment in the next blog, written for you by Caterina, our spa manager.

There is always a good reason to EXPLORE and to come to Monroc! 


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