30 Dec 2018

Marzia & Marika 


Because living the mountains means also this: surrounding yourself  with peace and quiet moments. It will be only you together with the nature. 

Sometimes we just need to isolate ourself from the external world and we always find refuge in the woods of Val di Rabbi or, alternatively, Madonna di Campiglio. 

The uniqueness of these places, the enchantment of being surrounded only by the whiteness of the snow is like breathing again.

And what's the best way to live the mountain 100% if not with a snowshoes rackets excursion in the enchanting woods of Trentino?

We have thought about some paths, the only ones which can conciliate your outdoor spirit together with the desire of peace and tranquillity and, why not, also a little bit of magic. 

Malga Stablasolo (Val di Rabbi:it is the ideal path to admire the beauties of the National Park, immerged in a wild environment and surrounded by characteristica buildings. The access to the path is from RABBI FONTI, the lenght is 3.5 km, the difficulty level is MEDIUM and the time you need to do it is 1.30 hours. 

Malga Mondifrà-Malga Vaglianella (Madonna di Campiglio): It is a path through the immaculated nature that will leave you withouth breath, to enjoy at best the beauties of the Dolomites. The access is from PASSO CARLO MAGNO, you have to follow the signaled route ( Malga Vaglianella path) which crosses the ski slopes. The difficulty level is MEDIUM, the time you need is about 2 hours. 

Gnomes path (Pellizzano): this is an easy walking on the thematic path, from where you will reach an idylliac lake in the middle of the wood. The first part of it is known such as the GNOMES PATH , renamed so from the wood-rock and other natural materials which you can admire through the way. We are talking about witches, wood spirits, animals and-obviously-gnomes. Starting from the second line of the street that brings you until Fazzon locality-Caprioli's lake, you follow the educational path "Senter dela Palù"which brings you until Malga Bassa. The difficulty level of this path is about 2 hours.

So yet, you have only to explore the way!

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