14 Apr 2021

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We are ready to unveil the best places where you can take the perfect picture to post (or to frame).

Some of them are widely known on the social networks, others are less famous. But if you have a bit of creativity, you can catch the perfect shoot!

So let's begin.

1.TOVEL'S LAKE_ Val di Non, Parco Adamello Brenta. 

The colour of the shades of the water change during the day. The lake is surrounded by the Brenta Dolomites, larchs and firs, the perfect location for a great shot! Our suggestion is to go there early in the morning, especially during July and August, to avoid the crowd and enjoy its beauty with calm. It is perfect at dusk too, if you are lucky you can catch the pink colour of the Dolomites during sunset.

If you are in an explorer mood, don't stop there! Going round the lake, peeking between the trees, you will see the path n. 314 that takes to Malga Pozzol (about 6 km). It is a beautiful walk, during which you will be amazed by every corner! From Malga POzzol, the itinerary continues on a new path, the n. 371. You cross a stream on a small bridge, then you start going uphill to reach Malga Flavona. The route from the lake is uphill, with about 700 mt of difference in height (about 3 hours). 

2. LAGO NERO_ Val Rendena, Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta. It cannot be compared to Braies Lake in Südtirol in terms of the number of posts, but only because reaching it is not so easy. But the beauty is the same. To reach it you have to be very patient. As usual, our suggestion is to avoid high season, during which the white road that takes to Cornisello (mt. 2120) hut may be closed to traffic. From there, you have to walk about 30 minutes to reach the lake. It is among the most photographed spots, especially for the amazing sunset on the Dolomites.

3. PIAN PALU'S LAKE AND PALUDEI ALPINE COTTAGE_Val di Peio, Stelvio National Park. A bit of effort is needed to reach those spots, but we take for granted that you are real explorers. You can leave your car at the "Fontanin" locality, from where you can start your trekking towards Pian Palù lake (about 40 minutes). But you cannot settle for this perspective! Walk along the left side of the lake to reach Malga Paludei. Here you will find a breathtaking view and a lot of vantage points to take a  picture of the lake from above.

4. COVEL'S LAKE_Val di Peio, Stelvio National Park. A little corner of paradise to be explored. Once you get there, you will have the feeling of being in a fairytale. The mountains seem to jump in the small lake, which is called "the mirror of the sky". And there is the waterfall. And the alpine cottage. Reaching it is easy: from the central square of Pejo Paese, you have to follow the indications for "Dosso di San Rocco". Between the trees there is an old austro-ungarian cemetery from the Great War. The first part of the path is uphill, then it levels toward the Covel's plain. From there, you can continue to the Rio Vioz waterfall and the Covel alpine cottage. The route is about 6.5 km long, with 300 mt of difference in height. 

5. VAL DI RABBI_Did you know that above the famous Saent Waterfalls there is a spot where it is impossible to stop without taking a photo? The vantage point is between the high waterfalls and the "Prà di Saent". From the parking space Coler, you can reach Malga Stablasolo in about 30 minutes (this is another beautiful place for your posts!), then you continue up to the waterfall (where you will have to stop for a picture too), and finally to this wonderful spot with a view. In total it takes about one hour and a half, without counting tha stops to look at the beauty that surrounds you!

6.SUSPENDED BRIDGE_ Val di Rabbi, Stelvio National Park. This one is a must. The real instagrammers cannot give it up. You probably already know it: it is a steel bridge suspended over the Ragaiolo Waterfall (about 100 mt high). In this case too, we suggest you to avoid the most crowded periods (July and August). If you are so lucky to be here during low season, your only thought will be that of finding the best point of view. But after you've seen the bridge, we suggest you to continue your exploration: in about 2 hours you can reach the Maleda Alta alpine cottage, via Malga Fratte and Val Maleda with its waterfall.

Now you just have to go, explore and find your inspiration for the perfect post. We wil give you all the information you need to reach all these places.

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