18 Aug 2018



We are ready to reveal to you the best places to be photographed in Val di Sole and in the nearby which you can post on your Instagram profile. It'will be a success!

Some of them are already real topic on the Instagram pages, other are not so well known, but if you have a little bit of creativity, you can catch perfect pictures, such as real bloggers!

But lets' start the description. 

1.TOVEL'S LAKE_ Val di Non, Parco Adamello Brenta. 

The water's colours changes of intensity during the different hours of the day. Framed in the Brenta Dolomites, surrounded by larchs and firs, you will surely find the perfect location to shoot your photo. We suggest to you to go there during the early morning, especially during summer ( juli and august in particular) to avoid the many tourists and to appreciate it alone searching your inspiration. Also during the evening is perfect, if you are lucky you can also  catch the PINK colour of the Dolomites. 

2. LAGO NERO_  Val Rendena, Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta. This is not such as the Braies lakes located in Südtirol, but it really worth the trouble, once. To visit it, you have to be very patient, avoid the hig season where, probably you don't have the permission to go along the entire street which brings you until the Cornisello refugee ( 2.120 mt). From here, you can walk 30 minutes to reach it. It is one of the most photographed place, especially for the sunset on the Dolomites.  

3. PIAN PALU'S LAKE AND PALUDEI ALPINE COTTAGE: Val di Peio, Stelvio National Park. These shoots requests surely a little bit of effort, but you are REAL EXPLORERS. You can arrive with the car until the Fontanin locality, you reach the Pian Palu's lake with a trekking of 40 minutes. But don't be happy with only this perspective! Walk along the left side of the lake to reach Paludei alpine cottage.  Here you will find a breathtaking scenery, and lots of panoramic points to catch the lake from the high. And if you want to discover a path not so widely-known, you have to follow Attilio, our expert guide, during the trekking we propose all our guests every Saturday. He he is a local person and he will let you discover magic places. 

4. SUNRISE IN ALPINE COTTAGE, COVEL'S LAKE_Val di Peio, Stelvio National Park. Imagine a walk which start in the dark and than it will light up with the lights of the sunrise to reach the Covel lake. This lake is also called "the mirror of the sky"! The SILENCE and YOU, a kind of magic which is made by the simplicity. If you think about it, this scenary repeats itself every day, but at the end, is only your willpower which gives you the will to participate. We can only assure you  that's it worths the trouble, your shoots will be perfect and then waits for you the small but delicious breakfast in alpine cottage.  All the wednesdays, with Romina and Attilio. 

5. RETURN BACK TO THE PASTURE, STABLASOLO ALPINE COTTAGE_ Val di Rabbi, Stelvio National Park. With a short but very beautiful trekking from the Plan car parking ( at the end of Val di Rabbi) you can reach Stablasolo alpine cottage, a destination very requested for it's enchanting landscapes. But we hardly suggest to go there during th late afternoon, when all the excursionists already came back and the alpine cottage find back its relaxing silence. The moment is that when the cows comes back from the pasture. This moment became something like a RITUAL, very fascinating, which repeat itself every day for all the summer season, since the old times. The sound of the cow's bells is the only one you can hear, whereas the sunset let a red line on the mountains just behind you. 

6.SUSPENDED BRIDGE_ Val di Rabbi, Stelvio National Park. This is, essentially, one MUST. Fundamental for all the instagrammers! Surely, you already herad about it or saw some pictures on the websites. This is a suspended steel bridge of more than 100 meters above the Regaiolo waterfalls. Also here, the same suggestion of before, try to avoid the central hours during juli and august. If you are here nearby during the low season you will have no problems to find the most original point.

And then we remind to you the appointment with the contest: SHARE THE BEAUTY REFUGEE. On the 25 of Juni , during the European day dedicated to the refugees, chose one of the innumerable Trentino refugees and start ypur walk to reach it and shoot your photo to be posted on your Instagram page using the hashtags: #pft_refugees #visittrentino #dayoftherefugee #refugeesoftrentino. 

The most interesting and suggestive photos will be reposted in the account Photograpic Parc of Trentino with the copyright of the authors. At the end of juli, the refugee with more likes, will receive a simbolic identification such as "the Beauty refugee". A game, and not more; but with the intent to promote this beautiful and enchanting territory.

Right now you have only to set off, to explore these beautiful places and to ley you be inspired to create the perfect post. We are real explorers so we will give you all the indications and the informations you need, such as maps, charts and all the suggestions you need about this place and more others.  

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