17 Feb 2017

Marika e Romina

The explorer kitchen of Monroc Hotel

Today we present to you the kitchen #monrocpeople, led by Chef Simone de Marco with Vincenzo, Andrea and Daniel.

For us it is enough to enter the kitchen to breathe an atmoshpere of  sinergy and passion for this job. There is always this kneading, cooking, cutting and stuffing, using always fresh products of local or regional provenance. Looking at them you can understand how this profession is art, passion and a quid of elegance. We wanted an artisan cooking and in fact pasta, dumplings, ravioli, but also sweets and cakes of breakfast buffet are made by our guys.

Every dish is thought, created and presentes in great detail, to make food a real experience to be enjoyed with alle the senses, starting from the sight, letting you literally with your mouth open! 

We will make you find especially our products: prepared in tasty and surprising combinations to fulfill our explorers vocation. Cheeses from Presanella cheese factory of Mezzana, cold cuts from Ruatti farm of Val di Rabbi. Tender and fresh AOC meats, such as lake and sea fish matched with tastes that intensify them.


You are an explorer even at the table. Observe each dish as it was the first time, letting yourself  being guided by your intuitions in the choice. It is for this reason that, to help you in the menu choice, we prepared 3 sets, or rather 3 itineraries.

The first one, EXPLORER, a dish with a high creative connotation, that comes from the passion of our chef to enlarge the horizons of the traditional cuisine. 

A second one, INSIDER, a dish strictly tied with the tradition of Trentino, created in order to enhance our territory and honor the cooking of one of the most gourmet country in the world.

A third one, ECO'S, a vegetarian choice where we use seasonal products and vegetables with light and digestible preparations.

We pay attention to all the preferences and needs of our guests and we try to satisfy even the most delicate palates. On demand, we prepare specific dishes for intollerances or alergies.  

And these you can see below are just some of the fabolous dishes of our kitchen #monrocpeople! We want you drool at the tought of it!

Cucina, prodotti tipici, cucina creativa

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