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Day-long trek starting at 8:30 am from Monroc to reach Sant'Antonio di Mavignola. From here we hike to Val Brenta , passing through the Brenta Bassa plain (1265 m), which opens onto a magnificent panoramic view dominated by Crozzon di Brenta, one of the most striking peaks of the Dolomite massif. The trail continues to the Cascate di Vallesinella waterfalls, which we will flank to the highest point , from here we will reach the Casinei refuge for a tasteful break and to recover energy.

Departure at 8:30 am, return around 3:30 pm. Transfer by MONROC Bus (maximum 8 seats) .

Difficulty level: medium.
km covered: 14 Elevation gain: 500 mt
ROCmoments: the Brenta Bassa plain and views of Crozzon, High Falls, apple pie from the Casinei hut.


The new version of our morning trek this year moves to Val di Peio. We start at 6:00 AM, heading towards the Stelvio National Park, above the village of Peio. The crisp air urges us on our first steps, and the gentle climb warms us up. Immersed in the morning silence, we arrive at Covel Lake and you'll understand why it's called the "mirror of the sky." A few steps further and we hear the roar of the Rio Vioz waterfall, and then… off with the shoes! We dip our feet in the water, a real tonic.

Breathe in, listen, don't think about anything, look around as the sun caresses the surrounding peaks. After this "awakening," we head to the refuge, where in the wooden stube of the Scoiattolo, we are pampered by the scent of coffee, the taste of yogurt with honey and berries, and the softness of grandma's cake... just for this moment, you shouldn't have any doubts about setting the alarm for 5:30 AM 🙂 We calmly set off again with Attilio, who tells us the secrets of the mountain, first pointing to the squirrel forest and then Malga Saline, always accompanied by majestic Swiss pines.

An experience not to be missed.Departure at 6 a.m. from MONROC, Expected return around 12:30 p.m. Transfer by MONROC Bus (maximum 8 seats) .

Difficulty level: medium/ easy
km traveled: 9 km Elevation gain: 400 mt
ROCmoments: the "mirror of the sky,", Stone Pine cones, yogurt from Peio's dairy.

We ride our bikes up the gondola alongside MONROC* to Alpe Daolasa. From here our tour begins with a beautiful descent with views of the Dolomites to Malga di Dimaro and then continue to Campo Carlo Magno; we then continue on a dirt road along the Campiglio Caves and then start climbing up to Malga Fevri where we can admire a truly impressive panorama. The climb up to Monte Spinale (Chalet Spinale) and from here on a free descent to Malga Montagnoli and the lake of the same name and again down to Malga Mondifrà where the adrenaline-filled descent on dirt road along Val Meledrio begins and return to Monroc.

Departure at 8:30 a.m. from MONROC, return expected around 1:30 p.m

Difficulty level: medium.
km covered: 38 km elevation gain: 1420 mt
ROCmoments: the view of the Dolomites from Malga Fevri, the descent down the Val Meledrio, the cured meat platter from Malga Mondifrà.

Here, 'queen' refers to Presanella with its 3560 meters of altitude, the highest peak of the Adamello Presanella group. This one-day trek, guided by Attilio at the foot of the Presanella Glacier, takes us to the Denza refuge (2298 m above sea level). One of the most suggestive treks to do in Val di Sole with breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks that will make the ascent easier. It's impossible not to reach Lake Denza (10 minutes above the refuge), an emerald nestled among tonalite rocks, alpine flora, and where curious marmots will observe us. After all this effort, we'll enjoy a delicious break at the refuge where we'll meet Mirco, the craziest refuge manager in the Alpine region. The breeze rising from the valley calls us back to the descent, but before reaching the bottom, we'll have the opportunity to visit Fort Pozzi Alti, a restored Austro-Hungarian fort that has become an open-air museum dating back to World War I.

Departure at 8:30 AM, return around 3:30 PM. Transportation with MONROC Bus (maximum 8 seats)."

Difficulty level: medium/difficult
km covered: 10 km elevation gain: 600 mt
ROCmoments: the views of Presanella, Lake Denza, the potatoes with egg and speck from the Refuge.

With our minibus we reach Cogolo, where we will hop on our e-bike. From there we continue towards the village of Pont and then in the direction of Malga Mare; after a few kilometers uphill on a paved road, we turn left where a dirt road starts leading to Pejo. Past the village of Pejo we continue in the direction of Fontanino where on the left we will go to visit the Fortino Barba di Fior. From there we continue until we reach the village of Fontanino and climb up to Lake Pian Palù. From here we climb to reach Malga Giumela, after which we cross the valley to continue downhill along the military road to Malga Frattasecca. Here you deserve a nice cold beer.

Departure at 8:30 a.m., return around 1 p.m. Transfer by MONROC Bus (maximum 8 seats) .

Difficulty level: medium/difficult
km covered: 19 km elevation gain: 700 mt
ROCmoments: the emerald green of Pian Palù Lake, the descent to Frattasecca, Peio beer served at the Malga.

We set off from MONROC with our minibus: towards Val di Rabbi and precisely above the village of Piazzola. From the parking lot we set out in the direction of Malga Caldesa and after about 40 minutes we will glimpse the beginning of the "Fruscìo" sound trail. Carillons hanging from tall larch trees, hollow logs resonating with your hands, a piano stuck on the top of a larch tree. A grass square where you lie on wooden seats. Surrender to the sounds, the voice of the wind in the trees, the song of the forest. You will feel the peace!
Recharged by the delightful Monroc picnic enjoyed in the shade of a centuries-old tree, we continue on our journey, listening to Attilio who entertains us with tales of the mountain pastures and the surrounding territory. The energy of the forest guides us back towards the path of the alpine dairies, and at Malga Caldesa, we stop for a delightful slice of cake or a yogurt made by them, with strawberries or forest berries. It's safe to say that this day, too, has flown by!

Departure at 8:30 a.m., return around 3:30 p.m. Transfer by MONROC Bus (maximum 8 seats) .

Difficulty level: easy
km covered: 11 Km elevation gain: 600 mt
ROCmoments: music boxes resonating in the forest, piano embedded in larch tree, the turpentine, yogurt from Malga Caldesa.


Departure at 8:30 AM from Monroc. We will reach Ossana and Vermiglio via the bike path. On the dirt road, we will first pass through the village of Vermiglio and continue towards Velon until we reach Malga Pecè. From there, we will climb towards Passo del Tonale, always on a dirt road. Upon reaching the pass, we will continue along the Sentiero della Pace, first arriving at the San Bartolomeo Hospice and then heading towards the ruins of the former Forte Mero. From Forte Mero, we will descend to Forte Strino. From there, we will continue on a dirt road that will take us back to Vermiglio. We will then pass through Cortina, Pendege, Fucine, and Cusiano to reach Mezzana, where we will take the bike path back to MONROC.

Departure at 8:30 AM, return around 1.30 PM.

Difficulty level: medium/difficult

Distance covered: 50 km

ROCmoments: pedaling between Austrungarian forts, unforgettable views of the Adamello Presanella group.

Itineraries are subject to change. Upon your arrival at the hotel, you will be able to consult the final program.

Hello explorer! Before, during, and after our active program, the Monroc team, as well as the management, do not assume any responsibility in case of accidents or discomfort, as each individual is aware of and responsible for their own abilities and physical performance.

For all our explorations, we recommend sporty/technical clothing for greater comfort and safety. If you need more detailed information, including based on seasonal temperatures, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

We provide trekking poles and backpacks, while helmets will be provided for e-bike outings.

USEFUL INFO_ Trekking : €39 per person. Trekking "the mirror of the sky" with breakfast : € 44 per person. E-bike tour on Friday and Sunday: €49 per person, including e-bike and helmet rental. E-bike tour on Wednesday: €55 per person (cable car ticket included), €49 if you have a Lift Pass (with bike transport ticket to be purchased independently at the ticket office for €5).

If you participate in at least two outdoor outings we will discount them both by € 4 !
Registration by 6 pm the day before (12 noon the day before for the "trekking of the sky"). If you wish you can add packed lunch €8 per person.
Secure your place on the MONROC Bus and book in advance! Outings must have a minimum of 2 participants. Choose the right person and leave with us!

For the trekkings and the e-bike tour on Sunday, the spoken languages are ITALIAN and GERMAN.

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