02 Dec 2018



Here we are at the beginning of december, we are moving close to the Christmas period, to the christmas markets, to the nativity scenes, to the theatrical representations, to the wine and typical products tastings and to unique moments to be spent with the people we love.

This year we want to present you closer the real meaning of CHRISTMAS here in Val di Sole, far away from the city chaos of the famous markets of Trento and Bolzano which every year, have the capacity to recall back always more people from every part of the world. This time, we want to share with you something more heartfelt, we want to transmit to you the Christmas atmosphere of the surroundings valleys, which is remained untoched such as one time. 

In this regard we mention to you OSSANA, THE VILLAGE OF 1.000 CHRISTMAS NATIVITY SCENES : it is a small mountain village ( 10 minutes far away from Monroc) located nearby the S.Michele castle, a manor house which was reinforced and restructured in 2014: during Christmas time, starting from 30.11 until 06.01.19 you will also find inside it a small Christmas market where you can find typical products of our territory to be tasted.

Along the streets and squares of the village you will find more than 1.000 nativity scenes also all handmade from local artists and artisans. A RED ROPE will be your guide in order to discover this magnificient creations: the result is something real special, small houses arranged along the village but with an unique common denominator: to raise emotions and serenity in the heart of all visitors. 

Now we let you to the video...

Further than the experience, it will be a trip to discover the village's traditions, and that of an entire valley which is dressed up for this holy Christmas 2018.

It is really nice to rediscover the uniqueness of this period in an untoched place such as our is. 


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