22 Sep 2022



In autumn there are a lot of possibilities: walks in the colourful nature, caressed by the crisp air and warmed by the typical sun of September and October.

And there are also a lot of events between Val di Sole, Val di Rabbi, Val di Pejo and Val di Non to discover the magic of this beautiful season.

Here below you will find those which we think you cannot miss:

- THE BELLOW OF THE DEER. A unique experience to observe and listen to the love call of the deers, which explodes sonorously and vibrantly breaking the stillness of an autumn evening. A dinner in the alpine hut, and then off to the discovery of this unique ritual. In the deep darkness we observe it with the thermal imaging camera that allows to color the heat of the bodies; we remain stationed to observe this song and feel this passion. Check our offer for the 2 nights-package! Until October 8th.

- GROPPELLO WINE TOUR. Saturday October 1st from 9.00 am. A day to discover the Groppello cellars in Val di Non, a local wine produced from grapes that ripen on the sunny slopes overlooking Lake Santa Giustina. The day includes wine tasting from the 4 cellars, trekking through the historic vineyards and tastings of typical products (paid activities, reservations required).

- "CALICI E SAPORI" AT CASTEL CALDES. Saturday October 8th at 4.30 pm. Where culture meets the tasty products of the Val di Sole and the excellent mountain wines of the Val di Non.

- POMARIA. Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October in Casez, in Val di Non. The great festival dedicated to the apple harvest and to the food and wine excellences of the Val di Non. A rich program to immerse yourself in the autumn colors, flavors and scents of the Valli del Noce. You can get to know the farmers, pick apples from the tree, walk among apple orchards, taste the best products of the area and much more.

- NATURALLY ... NOT ONLY CHESTNUTS. Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October in the streets of the village of Terzolas, in Val di Sole. Two days of events and shows with chestnuts in all its forms as protagonist. Tastings of cow's and goat's milk cheeses with chestnut honey, guided excursion to discover the history of the fascinating centuries-old chestnut groves, lunch with local products and chestnuts in local restaurants. And more workshops, music and entertainment and the possibility of tasting roasted chestnuts, apple fritters and mulled wine.

These are just some of the events that will characterize next month, and we are always ready to give you all the tips for your autumn explorations!

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