08 Apr 2017



" Smell a trunk of swiss pine and you will understand the importance of it during life. For sure, you will find all in this smell: the mountain, the see, the desert, the will to live and the simplicity. Hang up a branch of swiss pine in your room and it will be such as bringing the forest home". 

We believe this phrase summarize in the best way what the swiss pine represents in the reality, what it represents for us and tells the reason why we chose it for our Hotel!

One of the aspects our guest notice once they enter Monroc, for us reason of satisfaction, is the swiss pine essence; it is noticed more once you open the door of your room, you will be literally rolled up by this essence that makes you feel you are in a mountain area! We strongly chose and want this tipology of wood to give a Natural and of Trentino connotation to our rooms.

The swiss pine is famous all over the world for its traits and properties:the swiss pine can transmit a positive influence to the human mind, transmitting patience and the capacity to hold the objective always behind the eyes, keeping in this way the concentration in a constant way. The essential oils contained in this type of wood have a powerful antibacterial effect. 

Our beds, are entirely in swiss pine wood; the same pillows contains an essence of it: it improves the quality of your sleep, relaxing soul and body, promoting the psychophysical recovery in weariness and stress situations. We have edited all the aspects of our hotel: surely, for a vacation to remember, the rest is one of the key factors . People who don't have a total rest during the night can't apprecciate and enjoy all the opportunities Val di Sole offers also during the sommer season.  We ensure a total relax in all our room types, each of is for no smokers and non-allergenic.  Also this is a fundamental aspect that distinguish all our rooms: we want all our romms have hypoallergenic sheets to guarantee all our guests a holiday withouth thoughts! 

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