16 Aug 2018



Are you still thinking about your holiday for September?! We have an idea for in Val di Sole SEPTEMBER would be the perfect month, both for the weather conditions and also for the events scheduled. 

The recurring theme during this month, would be that of MILK and LIVESTOCK which you can touch with your own hands walking through the numerous paths which bring you at the numerous ALPINE COTTAGES (the way of the alpine cottages in Val di Rabbi).

Did you already heard about the DESMALGADA? To many of us it can seems like a wordplay, but in the reality is not so: here in the valley it is such an holy moment, when the livestock comes back valley after the summer months on the mountains. 

You will notice the importance of this moment particularly in how the livestock ( the cows in particular) will be ornated...during the preious weeks, the kids enjoy preparing some flowers and ribbons crowns, which the cows will have at their neck coming back home.  

Such as every year, it will be a celebration day that will involve not only the farmers but also the numerous tourists who still visit Val di Sole. We are going to give you some more detailed information concerning the events: 

- DESMALGADA IN COGOLO: you will assist on the 16th of September at 1.00 pm at the Pontevecchio and Pegaia alpine cottages to the "return back home" of the livestock, which in the dialect is called "DESMALGADA", through the streets and squares of the inhabited of Cogolo (Val di Pejo). During the day you can also assist to some concerts by the local band ("Corpo bandistico Val di Pejo"). 

- DESMALGADA IN VAL DI RABBI: locality Plan and by the other alpine cottages: on the 23th of September starting at 8.00 am; in this valley you can already appreciate the colours of the autumn season. You will have a fantastic scene in front of you!

- OSSANA and FUCINE: "Fera del Set": there will be such a local fair along the ways and streets of the village. 

- AGRICULTURE'S CELEBRATION: on the 15th and 16th of September in Val di Pejo: a festival dedicated to the traditions, the folklore and to the culinary art of our valley. 

- LOCAL FAIR IN COGOLO: it is the traditional fair of the livestock along the streets of Cogolo; during the day, concerts, exhibitions and laboratories for the kids. 

-THE SHEARING ("TOSADA" in the local dialect): it takes place along the streets and ways of the village, a celebration day in Val di Pejo for the reentry of the sheeps after the summer pasture. The small village is ready to welcome back its livestock.

- LOCAL FAIR OF ST.MATTEO: such as every year, it takes place in MALE', the main center of Val di Sole: on the 19th and 20th of September, the whole day, from 8.00 am until 6.00 pm you will find a local market in the main square of Malè: you will find an open air market, with many kinds of animals...the kids will surely enjoy! At the end of these two days there will be also the awards you know of what!?! If you are curious, you have to participate to it!

This kind of events trace the importance to maintain the TRADITIONS, the USES nd the COSTUMES of our valley; and the best way to remember them is to transmit them to the children. Because being familiar with our past means also living better our present. 



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