29 Jan 2018


The Carnival is a festivity full of colors, masks and jokes... but it is also the perfect time to explore the beauties of our territory, Trentino, and an occasion to rediscover the ancient traditions.

This festivity is celebrated in diferent ways all around the world, but we will tell you the events that will take place here in Trentino.

The calendar is very rich, and below you will find the unmissable appointments:

- CARNIVAL IN ARCO: the official name of this event is CARNEVALARCO, which this year celebrates its 142° birthday. The celebrations will start the week before Fat Thursday, until Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of February 2018: the parade floats will take place on the 4th and on the 11th of February. The appointment is in the city center, along with a lot of activities and games for the little ones. 

- HABSBURG CARNIVAL IN MADONNA DI CAMPIGLIO: from Monday 12th of February, you can live the charm of the emperor Franz Joseph and the Princess Sissi: music and dances with the Imperial Court will live up the evening (Piazza Palù, from 6.00 pm). On Tuesday 13th it will be celebrated the kids' carnival with entertainment, games and shows. On Wednesday 14th , at the PalaCampiglio it will be played the musical "La Principessa Sissi". On Thursday 15th it will take place the royal torchlight skiing and in conclusion on Friday 16th, the Habsburg Party with traditional costumes. 

-CARNIVAL IN MOENA: it is the cradle of the Ladin people, as well as in the other villages of the valley, also in the village of Moena, the celebrations are characterized by the typical masks: there are the "Arlechins" and the "Lonc". From Tuesday 13th of February: floats, music, sweets and hot beverages will fill up the streets of the village. At Piazza de Sotegrava. The parade will start from 2.30 pm to 7.00pm.

- CARNIVAL IN TRENTO: this event involves the whole city, not only the city center, but also all its surroundings. Piazza Cesare Battisti and Piazza Fiera will turn into real amusement parks for the entire event, from 17.02 until 28.02.18. In particular: 

- on Saturday 25th of February: it will take place the parade with the floats and the allegoric groups from Piazza Duomo until Belenzani Street, starting from 3.00 pm.

- on Tuesday 28 February: the party is in Piazza Duomo starting from 3.00 pm with the fables, the itinerant music performances and the distribution of hot beverages and typical sweets as the krapfen. Also other important locations of the city as Roccabruna Palace, Santa Chiara Auditorium or the Muse museum will light up with particular colors thanks to video installations or lasers!

How will you spend yout Carnival? You just have to pick one of the events that we have proposed you and immerse in the colorful and funny carnivalesque atmosphere, obviously by trying one of the sweet pastryies typical of our region, Trentino. 


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