19 Apr 2023



If you really want to explore the mountain and its most hidden and beautiful corners, our advice is to do it with our guides Attilio and Andrea. Even if you are a loner, trust us and try the experience of a guided excursion.

Why? We tell you right away!

First of all, you avoid the stress of the transfer. For the trekkings with Attilio you can take advantage of our MONROC Bus to reach the starting point of the excursions; while if you explore with Andrea and the bike it'e even easier: you leave MONROC on two wheels! So it is also a greener choice, which is very important for us who love nature so much.

And then they will take you to places that you would hardly be able to find and reach on your own, choosing the most suitable routes based on the skills and preparation of all the participants.

But it's not over yet.

Mountain is KNOWLEDGE. Attilio will tell you its secrets and he will give you a lot of useful advices. With Andrea you will learn the technique and the tips for a safe MTB descent. In this way the experience will be even better. 

This is why we always choose to leave with small groups, to further enhance the quality of the experience, involving every person who decides to explore with us.

Mountain is SHARING, because it's beautiful to share the happiness and satisfaction of having reached the goal with someone. In short, mountain unites: one of the things we like the most is to see you leaving as "strangers", as "singles", and coming back as a group of FRIENDS.

And, last but not least, there is SAFETY: you can be the most prepared person, but the safety that a guide gives you is given by no one else! A guide knows the area perfectly, the mountain in general and also its dangers. So surely they will be able to give you the right advice and the right help if this should be necessary.

What do you have to do to participate in a guided excursion?

Take a look at our weekly active programme, choose the one that best suits you and book your place.

Bring your will to explore and, of course, the right clothing.


  • mountain or trekking shoes,
  • technical and "layered" clothing,
  • a backpack with a change of clothes and a rain/windproof jacket,
  • water and food according to the activity,
  • If you want extra help, like trekking poles, we'll provide them for you.


  • tennis or trekking shoes,
  • technical and "layered" clothing,
  • a backpack with a change of clothes and a rain/windproof jacket,
  • water and food according to the activity,
  • we will provide you with the helmet together with the bike.

If you need some more information or advice to choose the best experience for you, you can always ask us!

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