20 Jan 2023



Every year we like to select the most beautiful experiences and share them with you.

There are some that we just can't remove from the rankings, simply because they are too beautiful to be replaced by others and because they can actually be repeated several times.

Like our morning trekking with breakfast in the hut: it's impossible to take pole position away from it!

And, as always, we are available to  give you all the tips, maps and suggestions to try them out.

Here then is our TOP 10 for summer 2023:


Have you ever walked in a forest at the first light of the day ?! Around you only the sounds of nature awakening, the roar of the Saent waterfalls in the background. But before arriving there, breakfast awaits you at Malga Stablasolo with mountain yogurt, berries, barley coffee and delicious homemade cakes. Then Attilio will take you to see a magical play of lights between the waterfalls. An unforgettable experience. Every Tuesday, only for true explorers.



Val di Sole is the best place to try Bushcraft. Our territory is covered for 1/3 by protected areas, the Stelvio National Park and the Adamello Brenta National Park. A lot of unexplored spots, where you can experience this activity. 

Probably you are curious now. But don’t relax too musch, we immediately challenge you:

Are you able to light up a fire? Of course without a matchstick or a lighter. Would you be able to build an emergency shelter using only what you find in the nature? And would you be able to build wooden tools?

If this challenge charms you, you should try bushcraft.

You can practice it during the whole year, during every season. You will be guided by an expert alpine guide who will give you some tips, which can be usuful to survive!



You know, we love explorers, those who travel kilometers with the backpack, but sometimes an exception to the "rule" can be made, climbing effortlessly to the top.

The incredible high-altitude panoramas of the Val di Sole are not only for expert walkers: the red Brenta Dolomites, the green heart of the Stelvio National Park and the white glaciers of the Adamello are beauties that everyone must be able to admire. And then, even if you don’t like the effort or if venturing on mountain paths isn’t your thing, you can get excited in front of these landscapes, breathe the fresh high-altitude air and enjoy the silence that reigns in the mountains, using the cable cars, chair lifts and gondola lifts also open during the summer in Val di Sole.

With the Peio 3000 gondola you can reach the top in an instant. Starting this year, the brand new Mythe refuge awaits you for a break with a view of infinity.

At Passo del Tonale, on the other hand, you can climb up to Passo Presena at 2997 mt. and walk down to the intermediate level. Ask us for more info on the opening period of the lifts in the summer.



If you come to Val di Sole, the land of bikers, adrenaline and fun are guaranteed! And it’s all just outside Monroc. Take the Daolasa cable lift and then set off along one of the 4 trails of the Bike Park Val di Sole: the famous and feared Black Snake (black trail), the Golden Eagle (red trail), the White wolf (blue / red trail) or the wild grizzly (red / black trail). Different levels for super riders who want to test themselves between progressions, parabolics, bumps and jumps.

But 9 other single trails start from the arrival of the Daolasa cable lift. Little-frequented mountain trails that present you with continuous changes in difficulty, from easy flat sections and very technical downhill passages (with roots and stones) or steep climbs.



A symphonic piece, a work of art, a Manifesto: music and collective genius to protect water. Uno Di Un Milione (one in a million) - UDUM - is an exciting artistic journey of a relational work that aims to involve all of us in respecting and safeguarding the environment. What iss it about? Buy the limited edition bottle of the UNO DI UN MILIONE project, it includes:

The technology to discover your note and participate in the unveiling of the piece.
The geolocation of the fountains, destinations and itineraries in Val di Sole.
Access to exclusive content and then ?! Set off to explore the itineraries to reveal the symphony note by note. You will be given a membership note with which you will play the instruments of the entire orchestra, and with which you will discover the events related to the project.
One note, one person.
You, a note.



An easy walk in Val di Peio that takes you to the Covel lake. It starts from Peio Paese and follows the path towards the Covel plain dotted with beautiful traditional farm-houses ("masi"), once you reach the hut continue towards the lake, a small body of water that at first glance will leave you incredulous and with the fixed thought of " That’s all?". But don’t give up, skirt it and about halfway up the bank, stop and look ahead of you. You will be enchanted by so much beauty and you will understand why it is called "the mirror of the sky".



For those who need adrenaline flowing freely. The one that stops your breath and then makes your heart beat faster. A paragliding flight is the right experience! A leap into the void to glide above the Val di Sole and admire its wonderful mountains from above. Obviously you will not be alone, but in the company of an expert guide who will give you the right information and instructions to face the flight in complete safety. The tandem paragliding flight can be done by anyone who wants to, aged 10 and up. However, your weight must be between 40 and 110 kg. You need curiosity and the desire to experience intense emotions, enthusiasm, but above all… you mustn’t suffer from vertigo. Ask us, we will book the experience for you!


8. 35 KM RIDE

The Val di Sole cycle path is perfect for a slow exploration. Just in front of  MONROC, it will give you the possibility to cross the valley and all its villages full of history and tradition. If you pedal towards the upper valley, you reach Cogolo with a view of Mount Vioz. If, on the other hand, you go down towards the valley floor, you can return by train by loading your bike. For timetables and to book bike transport, ask us at reception.



For those who want to climb higher and touch the most beautiful peaks of the Val di Sole, we recommend an experience with the Alpine Guides. Of course you need good breath, experience in mountain trekking and a certain physical preparation in addition to suitable clothing. We see the explorers returning from these explorations with eyes full of amazement, even if they are tired. But this is a physical fatigue that disappears with a little wellness and a good sleep, leaving instead immense satisfaction. Write to us to organize your personalized experience!



And now a tasty proposal, which always remains an exploration but certainly more comfortable. A taste tour through some of our trusted producers. Let’s start with a binge of cheeses that you can taste and buy at the Presanella Cheese Factory in Mezzana, don’t miss the Casolet with walnuts.

Then continue towards Val di Peio to enjoy a delicious beer from the Peio brewery. In Malè, on the other hand, the destination for the sweetest ones at Ciocomiti, to taste the chocolate of the Dolomites: it is the only chocolate in the world to be aged at high altitude, precisely at the Tuckett hut where it remains for two lunar cycles and to refine its scents.

Next to Ciocomiti you will find Gusto Natura, a laboratory that produces delicious apple juices, syrups, jams and snacks starting from products grown directly by them.

If you want to buy the fragrant speck that you find every day on our breakfast buffet, all you have to do is head towards the Val di Non and precisely to Rumo at the Bonani Butcher’s. A process that is a family secret, the pure mountain air that touches the "pieces" when exposed to the sun make this speck a real delicacy.

You can conclude with a visit to the cellar, and here we have to move south towards the Rotaliana plain. But it’s worth it, and here we leave you just a few names: Cantina Endrizzi, Cantina Dorigati, Cantina and Azienda Agricola Foradori. Real jewels. But come to us at the reception to get the taste map and all the addresses and suggestions. Otherwise in the BLOGROC you will find all the addresses by reading the article "4 Ideas for rainy days".

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