29 Jun 2022

Caterina, #monroc SPA Manager


For a long time we have been looking for a "niche" product, transparent and effective and with the naturalness of alpine plants.

And here we discovered the TREHS line, produced by a small South Tyrolean company, in the heart of Val Sarrentino.

TREHS natural cosmetics combines traditional knowledge and the primordial energy of the Alps with modern methods, using the concentrated efficacy of four plants grown in four energy locations: mountain pine, Swiss stone pine, hay and acqua vinea nobilis (grape sap).

We use mountain pine, Swiss stone pine and hay for body treatments, which now give the feeling of a real leap into the woods, as well as leaving the skin soft and velvety. HAY, with an energizing effect, stimulates the body and mind, while the pleasant aroma refreshes and gives natural well-being. SWISS STONE PINE, on the other hand, has a calming and relaxing effect, promotes sleep and stimulates circulation. The MOUNTAIN PINE with its resinous aroma with fresh forest notes, gives energy and strength to the whole organism. Ah if you could smell it!

For the face, on the other hand, we have chosen ACQUA VINEA (grape sap). We appreciated the delicate texture, and above all the story behind it: in Caldaro (South Tyrol) there is the Manincor estate, where the vines are grown according to the biodynamic method. And it is precisely within these vines that a precious sap flows, known for millennia for its antiseptic and emollient properties. The sap rises from the depths of the earth until it reaches the freshly cut shoots to "cure" them and at this point the "tear" is meticulously collected and bottled.

The new ACQUA VINEA NOBILIS facial treatment exploits all the beneficial properties of this water: the skin is first deeply purified, then gently exfoliated and finally hydrated with a nourishing pack. The result is purer, firmer and nourished skin.

Tell the truth, you can't wait to try them right ?!

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