03 Dec 2016

Marika e Romina

Unforgettable days in Sun Valley: ski, walkings and other more!

Do you have an unrepressible desire to come to visit Trentino? We have the best solution for you: a stay branded Monroc in Sun Valley to spend an active holiday with nature, sport, style and well being. The winter season goes on with the first seasonal ski: the slopes are perfectly covered with snow (natural snow and the inevitable help of the artificial one) that allows to our guests to ski and come back happy and satisfied with their day. When you come back to Monroc, once you lay down your ski, our wellness centre will wait for you to recover your forces in order to be prepared for another day on the ski. You don't like skiing? Sun Valley offers countless opportunities to have fun: our advice is to rent a pair of snow rackets ( to be said, "ciaspole") and set off for a suggested itinerary. From our point of view it's a unique experience, because brings you back to live the same sensations of the mountains people who had only this way to move when the snowfalls were still copious. Forget the city mess and concede yourself a new experience totally immersed in the nature and in the magical atmosphere that the snow offers to you! 

And... why not planning a daily excursion in an alpine hut to taste the typical Trentino dishes? We will suggest the best itinerary adapt to you! During the evening, for the lazyest people, it's possible to go up and down with a snowcat accompained by the alpine hut's manager where you decide to pass your evening. 

We assure it will be a unique holiday under all the aspects, from the cousine, to the sport and well being! We put all our enthusiasm in order to welcome you  and cuddle you to make your holiday by Monroc unforgettable and perfect.


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We have a an adoration for every kind of explorer. If you already are or if you would like to feel like a real explorer and you're dreaming about a perfect holiday on the mountains, choose Val di Sole at the base of Dolomiti di Brenta... And choose MONROC as your basecamp, of course. Write us for any information or quotation.

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