19 Mar 2017

Marika e Romina

Water as source of life

"Water is life because it's energy. work, health and emotion at the same time"...

Today we want to explain why in Trentino you live really: healthy air, immaculate nature, breath-taking views and above all the water, that's we drink every day from the tap, that pour pure and undisturbed from the source in the higm mountains: for us, it seems norma, but for many people it is not, so it is the case to say: " hold on narrow our water!". 

An "eco and green" Trentino, careful at the concept of environmental sustainability, because we have to be all aware that, to live in a  clean environment we have to be the first protagonist and respect the nature that surround us. Today, the 22 of march is the WORLD WATER DAY instituted in 1992 by the United Nations to sensitize and promote concrete actions for the safeguard of the hydro resources. 

We want to celebrate this anniversary remembering the importance of the water; we are proud to present the water we serve every day to our guest PEJO WATER, which puor from the sources in val di Pejo at 1.393 meters, in the Stilfs National Park, so it born in a immaculate and protected environment, far away from the pollution of the city. 

Furtehrmore, Sun Valley conuts something like 100 lakes: for example, laghi Sternai, Lago delle Salare, itinerario dei 5 Laghi, i 3 Laghi, lago Denza...we suggest all our guests to visit the Malghette's Lake and the Caprioli Lake; they are considereda compulsory destinations once you arrive here, in winter or in summer. 

Further pride for Sun Valley is famous all over the worldfot the Noce River, for the practice of rafting, mentioned by the National Geographic as one of the beautiful river in Europa for the practice of this sport. Another source of water, natural beauty are the Waterfalls of Saent, located in Rabbi: we suggest you to reach them by walking, once you leave the car in the car parking Coler. With a stroll of 1,30 hour you will arrive at this beautiful location. You will be surprised by the spectacle of nature!

Water as source of life and  benefit for our health: Sun Valley hosts two thermal structures, that's of Rabbi and Pejo, known from the antiquity for the important therapeutic effects. They conjugate the properties of the water with the  incomparable charm of the alpine protected panorama. 

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