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Monroc speaks to bikers and  provides the services suitable for your needs, in collaborations with the guys of   Val di Sole Bike Center:

  • bike washing point 
  • assistance
  • rental of the latest models of  GT/Cannondale for a preferential price (discount of 20% for Monroc's guest)

And even more:

  • everyday from breakfast to dinner you will find foods and menus suitable for sportsmens/women needs
  • laundry service for your bike clothing
  • bike washing point , service corner, cleaning tools
  • supervised bike depot
  • Val di Sole opportunity card: for € 2,00 per day you will have at disposal the card for the free use of the cableways and the bike mobility services: TRAIN + BIKE, BUS + BIKE
  • Possibility to download the GPS tracks and description from Val di Sole Outdoor website
  • Fast wifi line in our EXPLOrrom to download the GPS trails and information


You are in the right place if you love the two wheels and you can't imagine another way to explore our territory!  Val di Sole is known also as Bike land,  due to its wide choice of itineraries and tracks suitable for everybody, from those who prefer long and relaxing excursions on the bike path to those who need to feel the effort and to prove themselves climbing at high altitude to face then charged-up slopes.  

BIKERS LAND. Now we explain why. 


With its 40 km it passes through the whole valley with breathtaking views. It is suitable for everybody, it goes from the apple orchards of the lower Val di Sole (Mostizzolo) , with the beautiful castles of Caldes and the fortress of San Giacomo, to arrive in Cogolo with  the Vioz peaks on the background. You don't have to cover it in one day! Monroc is located exactly in the middle of the cycle path, so in the morning you just have to choose the direction.

To move yourself on the bike path you can also take the Dolomiti Express, the electric train equipped to carry the bikes or the bike bus. Easy, isn't it? And with Val di Sole opportunity card you can use this service for free.


At your disposal 31 among the most beautiful tracks of Val di Sole, marked and GPS mapped. You can choose them according to the difficulty, the time taken, the km and the difference in height. It is the new product dedicated to bikers, who for every path  can choose and download the GPS track, the map and all the technical carachteristics. And along every itinerary the new dedicated signage. We could't ask for more! E lungo tutti i percorsi la nuova segnaletica dedicata. Take a look and choose the track that is more for you! 

In collaboration with the Val di Sole Bike Center here in Daolasa we organize excursions on the mst exciting tracks. Rental, assistance and excursions organization,  all for special prices for the Monroc guests.


You can't come to Val di Sole without trying the Downhill... Have you ever heard about the Black snake? It is DH track that in the last years has been testing the cool heads of hte DH champions, it starts exactly from the halfway of  Daolasa Cableway and arrives next to Monroc. In its final part you can try the 4 cross track. Only for the the most fearless and anyway always in safety guys!

The last summer season, the Bike Park in Commezzadura has finally opened. The park has 3 tracks with different skill levels in addition to the famous World Cup track, the Black Snake. Three brand new tracks plus the famous WORLD CUP track. Riders can let loose as they take on the GOLDEN EAGLE track that has been completely redesigned. The WILD GRIZZLY track with a moderate skill level, and the WHITE WOLF, complete the offer of the Bike Park. North shore sections, jumps, doubles, banked turns, rock gardens...perfect for a Val di Sole style descent!

The Val di Sole Bike Park is open from 15th June to 29th Seprtember, the Daolasa lift has this timetable: from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 1.30 pm to 5 pm. Take a look to the Bike pass price. 


The very first Family Bike Park in Trentino is right in Val di Sole at Passo Tonale, at the arrival of the Valbiolo chairlift where you’ll find tracks for all those who love downhill and freeride mountain biking. Take the chairlift right up to the top, at a height of 2.200 m, then let loose and ride down on one of the 3 tracks, each with a different skill level:

  • easy track
  • moderate track
  • challenging track (only for experts)


Have you ever tried an e-bike? We've got the perfect way to give an e-bike a try: take advantage of the  E-Bike Sharing service in the Val di Sole district. Pick up an e-bike from the sharing station and go for a ride along the cycling path. And when you’re tired, just bring the bike back to any one of the following stations. Pellizzano (Bici Grill), Mezzana ( Trentino Trasporti Station), Malè (Trentino Trasporti train station), Caldes (Castel Caldes parking area).
Go to one of the charging stations and follow the instructions on the electronic totem. You can pay by using your debit or credit card . The cost is € 10,00 for two hours and € 3,00 for every additional hour. Here you will find the map for this service.
Don't give a limit to your exploration, you can also move along the valley with the service BIKETRAIN and BIKEBUS, with the Trentino Guest Card_ Opportunity card this service is included. 
Can we make a suggestion? Bike down to the beginning of the valley until you reach Mostizzolo, where the Fiume Noce river flows into the S. Giustina Lake, then load your bike onto the train and easily return to your hotel or apartment without any hassles.

MONROC is exploration

Sport, Active, Wellness

We've made MONROC for explorers and ACTIVE lovers. Plan your activities by yourself with the EXPLÒ-ROOM contents or select your activity from our ACTIVITIES MENU, made it in collaboration with professional outdoor partners!


Ski & snowboard

Ski & snowboard

Snowshoes, mountaineering

Snowshoes, mountaineering

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Rafting, Hydrospeed

Rafting, Hydrospeed

Fitness & gym

Fitness & gym




MONROC outdoor activities are here! They are organized for all our explorer - guests. All the weeks we will bring you to discover the beauties of Val di Sole and the Dolomites!

Times and itineraries may change. Upon your arrival, you will receive the definitive programm.

The price of the activities may change in case the minimum number of attendees is not reached.

Coming soon!

MONROC offers & proposals

True holiday offers for true explorers in Val di Sole, Trentino. Just for a different holiday on the mountain, sking, biking, discovering mountain lifestyle and traditions of Val di Sole.


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We have a an adoration for every kind of explorer. If you already are or if you would like to feel like a real explorer and you're dreaming about a perfect holiday on the mountains, choose Val di Sole at the base of Dolomiti di Brenta... And choose MONROC as your basecamp, of course. Write us for any information or quotation.

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How to reach us

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The best way to reach MONROC is most likely by train. From the stop Daolasa to the hotel door you need to walk for only 50 meters under a canopy: we will come to collect your luggage. The Trento-Malè railway line of  Val di Sole serves the entire "Val di Sole" and "Val di Non’ in comfortable and brand new trains to the terminus of Trento. Trento is connected to the national and international via the Brenner rail network, and is served by all high-speed trains of TrenItalia. See here schedules and terms of service.

Unfortunately at MONROC we do not have a tourism heliport yet. Val di Sole is however linked to the major airports in northern Italy (Verona, Venice, Bergamo, Treviso, Milan) via transfer services. From major airports you can still reach Val di Sole by train.

If you come by car you should know that you can park it (and forget it) in our convenient garage spot. Val di Sole is accessible by car from more directions: from the A22 motorway, exit S. Michele, follow directions to Val di Non and Val di Sole. From Lombardia through Tonale pass, from Madonna di Campiglio, via Campo Carlo Magno.

In front of MONROC passes the cycling lane of Val di Sole (but also the downhill track, 4cross and various MTB itineraries). But if you're travelling with your mountain bike, e-bike, racing bike Transalp, the Brenta Dolomites Bike or any other cycle tour and you book for an overnight at MONROC, in addition to being welcomed, you can very easily reach us via the bike path that runs throughout the whole valley: you will catch sight of us while cycling, next to Daolasa.

MONROC is probably the most comfortable place to arrive to and to leave with skis in hand. If you're following a ski tour in the SKI Area Campiglio Dolomites and want to stop at MONROC for one or more nights, arriving with your skis on is simple. The departure station of the cablecar Daolasa is right outside the door of MONROC, two steps away!

Why not? You can get to MONROC by foot too, like a true explorer. Whether you're walking along a mountain road, the Brenta Dolomites Trek, or simply crossing the Alps devoid of any mechanical means, to MONROC you are always welcome. You can reach the valley along the cycle track of  Val di Sole in Daolasa.