13 Sep 2023




Autumn weekends are coming. Oh yes, the fresh air arrived today and so soon it will be time to put on the sweater. Come on, why that face?! Oh yes, we're super fans of summer too, but autumn is truly magical, if you let it.

So to sweeten this autumn we have organized 5 taste weekends in our Stube Ortisè. Every weekend a different menu where the protagonists are the products of this season. Mushrooms, mountain cheeses, walnuts, pumpkin, chestnuts but also the hay left to rest in the Ortisè farms all summer. Not to mention the wines, poetry bottled in the cellars of Trentino Alto Adige.

So imagine an escape for a couple of days, an exploration to admire the wonderful colors of autumn and when the air starts to tingle your face, wellness awaits you for a warm embrace. Then it's immediately time to brush up and go down to the bar for a perfectly mixed aperitif. Dinner is about to be served in the stube. It will be a journey of the senses, among flavors of our tradition, recipes from our grandmother Candida and the magical touch of our Chef Mario Trifilò and his staff. And that's not all, for each dish Nicole, our sommelier, has chosen a different wine that will enhance its nuances.

We will break into your melancholy heart and so autumn will suddenly be sweeter.

Dinners are available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings subject to availability in the Stube Ortisè.

Menù Weekend 22, 23 and 24 September

Welcome from the kitchen

Marinated alpine char with yogurt sauce, guacamole, apples and pearls of the Dolomites

“Casunziei” (filled pasta, like ravioli) with betroot and potatoes, served with butter, poppy seeds and Trentingrana fondue

Deer chops battered with aromatic herbs, served with bluberries’ sauce, “tortel di patate” (fried potatoes’ pancakes), head cabbage and apples

The chocolate sphere with creamy ricotta, black cherries in syrup and crumble of polenta and dried fruits.

Thank you from the kitchen

Menù Weekend 29, 30 september and 1 october

Welcome from the kitchen

Kataifi “nest” with Casolet (cheese) from val di Sole, mountain potatoes and walnuts cocktail, served with savoy cabbage salad, Bozner sauce and Speck cracklings.

Our 3x3 black ravioli, stuffed with whipped cod and mountain potatoes, served with celeriac cream and crusco pepper (crispy pepper).

Roasted speck-wrapped pork fillet with mushroom sauce, served with mashed yams.

Kaiserschmarren from the Dolomites: traditional omelets with raisins soaked in rum and apples from val di Sole, served with homemade berries’ jam.

Thank you from the kitchen

Menù Weekend 6,7 and 8 october

Welcome from the kitchen

The Silene-Montanarina (fried pizza) with burrata cream, seasoned Coppa from Rumo and pistachios

Rye flour “Tortellacci” (ravioli) filled with local ricotta and braised beef, with its Teroldego wine demi-glace

Rainbow trout fillet from Trentino in chanterelle mushrooms and coconut stew, served on mashed mountain potatoes

Lemon macaron with Madagascar vanilla Chantilly cream and raspberries from Val di Pejo.

Thank you from the kitchen

Menù Weekend 13,14 and 15 october

Welcome from the kitchen

Typical “carne salada” with beans, mango cream, Alp-Trentingrana cheese-cream and polenta-cracker.

Homemade potatoes “Talleri” (dumplings) filled with sauteed mushrooms, served with Casolet (cheese) fondue from Presanella cheese factory

Cotechino (pork sausage) from Trentino with polenta, sauerkraut and peverada sauce (sauce made of dried bread and pepper)

Hay of Ortisè creamy dessert with berries, polenta crumble and dried fruits

Thank you from the kitchen

Menù Weekend 20,21 and 22 october

Welcome from the kitchen

Tirtlen: a fried rye-flour “ravioli” filled with leafy greens and local ricotta served on crunchy vegetables

Risotto with Teroldego Rotaliano (red wine), creamed with red turnip and dripping of Barzola goat cheese.

Venison fillet cooked at low temperature with herb crust, served with its blueberries demi-glace sauce on mashed potateos and celery root

Chocolate sphere with yogurt crèam, berries and polenta- and hazelnuts crumble.

Thank you from the kitchen

Menù Weekend 27,28 and 29 october

Welcome from the kitchen

Puffed polenta with creamy soft cheese and roasted mushrooms.

Homemade whole wheat flour pasta (spaghettoni) with chilli Casolet (cheese) fondue, caramelized Tropea onions and seasoned bacon’s cracklings

Ox medallion in plums crust with its Teroldego (red wine) demi-glace, served on mashed potatoes and chestnuts.

Local ricotta cream with orange gel, berries from Trentino and Teroldego (wine)-infused fried wafers in homage to the Dolomites

Thank you from the kitchen

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