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Rain carries a unique serenity, a calm canvas where the hustle of everyday fades into a whisper. It beckons us to decelerate, to discover serenity and allure in its gentle embrace. Envision yourself relishing a glass of wine in a snug cellar, where the soft patter of rain complements the clinking of glasses, enriching both taste and moment. Or, imagine savoring a coffee in a picturesque hamlet, observing rain’s artwork on the streets from a cozy café's warmth, reminiscent of a cherished movie scene where the lead finds solace in the storm.


Beyond quenching the earth and sustaining glaciers above MONROC, rain enhances our experiences. It invites us to venture indoors, to cherish the handiwork of local vintners, and to delve into the area's culture and history. A winery visit amidst rainfall transcends a mere activity; it becomes an odyssey into tradition’s heart, with each sip narrating the tale of the land, weather, and its people. It's a chance to mingle with the local community, absorb their tales, and return not just with wine bottles but with memories of laughter and shared moments. View rain as an alternate exploration call, a prompt to unwind, connect, and relish the distinct joys rainy days at MONROC unveil. Thus, don’t approach the reception with a heavy heart: we’ve got the perfect experience waiting for you!

exploration among wineyards

Wine enthusiasts, take note! Trentino isn't just renowned for its breathtaking landscapes but also for its exceptional wineries, which are integral to our recommended itineraries. These vineyards produce exquisite wines that you can enjoy during your aperitifs and dinners at MONROC.

Foradori in Mezzolombardo stands out, a farm and winery in its 4th generational passage. It's a testament to how the succession of generations can embody a fusion of energy, people, and dreams turned reality. As soon as you step through the door, you're welcomed into a world brimming with passion and deep respect for the land of Trentino and its produce. They offer outstanding wines, and in recent years, they've embarked on a project that transcends wine production, including the breeding of the Alpine Grey cattle and dairy

processing, along with vegetable cultivation. Our favorite wine? "Lezèr", not just for its taste but also for the fascinating story behind it. Be sure to ask for it!

Nestled among the lush hills above the Rotaliana plain, Pojer and Sandri in Faedo is a journey through a landscape as captivating as the wines it produces. The winery embodies the pioneering spirit of its founders, Mario Pojer and Fiorentino Sandri. These innovators have revolutionized the wine world with cutting-edge machinery, agricultural methods, and vinification techniques, marking a legacy of relentless improvement and innovation. Their partnership is more than just business; it's a testament to friendship, mutual success, and, above all, oenological excellence.

Our visit left us awestruck, not just by the infectious energy of the place but by the exquisite wines that tell their own unique stories. Our favorite? Zero Infinito. It's a wine that, much like its creators, defies expectations and invites you on an unforgettable taste adventure. 

Visiting Dorigati in Mezzocorona feels like visiting a friend's home. Specifically, we share a wonderful friendship that has flourished through "our" two wines: REDROC and WHITEROC, intertwining stories of camaraderie and wine. Among their standout offerings is the Methius, a mountain sparkling wine of unparalleled finesse, and Luigi, a vinous achievement by the latest, fifth generation, Paolo and Michele. They've recently completed their tasting room, a venue that frequently hosts exquisite events celebrating the harmonious blend of music and wine.

Endrizzi in San Michele all'Adige is a destination where the excellence of their wines is only the beginning. The historic headquarters of Endrizzi in San Michele stands as a testament to tradition and quality. It's a romantic and evocative setting, with the majestic Monreale Castle in the backdrop and surrounded by vibrant, fragrant, and lush vineyards. The heart of this location is the 1885 building, the Masetto, lending its name to one of our favorite wines: the Gran Masetto. This place is not just about wine; it's an experience that captivates all the senses.

Pedrotti in Nomi is home to the renowned Grotta dello Spumante, a former World War I air-raid shelter turned into what Luigi Veronelli called the "cathedral of sparkling wine" in 1982. It's here that the Pedrotti Bouquet matures, which we affectionately refer to as "our" TrentoROC. A visit to this Grotta is a journey worth taking on its own. When you add the tasting of their exquisite sparkling wines, the trip transforms into a magnificent exploration. This unique combination of history and winemaking excellence makes Pedrotti a must-visit for anyone seeking to experience the best of Trentino's wine culture.


The MUSE, Museum of Natural Sciences in Trento, is a marvel not just for its contents but also for its architecture, sprung from the genius of Renzo Piano. A visit is warranted by the building alone, yet its interior is equally compelling. Spread across six floors, MUSE offers a multisensory journey using the metaphor of a mountain to narrate, from top to bottom, the formation of the Dolomites, alpine biodiversity, the history of early human settlements, and the discovery of the world's origins through the largest exhibition of dinosaurs in the Alpine region. The human-nature relationship is central to MUSE's exhibition philosophy, helping visitors understand how science and technology can aid in finding sustainable solutions for our planet's future. It's an exploration that simply cannot be missed!

On a rainy day, the Giro al Sas in Trento gains an even more intimate and welcoming dimension. This route through the vibrant heart of the historic center not only highlights major landmarks such as the Cathedral of San Vigilio and the Buonconsiglio Castle but also offers a chance to discover the quaint shops and cozy spots of the city. Narrow streets come alive with little glowing shop windows and welcoming cafés, providing a perfect retreat for a relaxing break with a coffee or a glass of local wine, immersed in Trento's unique atmosphere of culture and conviviality, even the rain adds to the charm.


A walk in the rain? Yes, but of course, with the right gear! This walk is quite special because, for a portion, the path, which starts from the small village of Sanzeno, is carved into the mountain. After about 40 minutes, emerging among larches and firs, you will see the sanctuary of San Romedio, built on a rock spur over 70 meters high. The beauty of this sanctuary comes from its composition of multiple churches and chapels built on the rock at different times, connected by a steep staircase of 131 steps. In the woods around the sanctuary, you might even catch a glimpse of a bear (safely, of course)!


This is a perfect opportunity to buy the local products you've enjoyed during your breakfasts and dinners at MONROC. First stop is the Presanella Cheese Factory in Mezzana to stock up on cheeses, including the must-have local soft, raw-milk mountain cheese, Casolét from Val di Sole. Protected by the Slow Food Presidium, Casolét is traditionally made from raw milk and consumed fresh. It's a cheese characterized by the scent of alpine herbs, light or slightly straw-colored, with sparse eyes and smooth rind. Its versions with walnuts, pepper, or mountain herbs are particularly intriguing. If you're buying cheese, you can't go without some jam and honey. For jams, Gusto Natura in Malè is the place to go, with a tough choice among blueberry, red currant, black currant, strawberry, raspberry, and golden apple. The honey must be from Mieli Thun in Vigo di Ton, Val di Non. A small, fascinating, and delicious world to explore by the spoonful. We love their forest honey, perfect with the aged cheese from Presanella Cheese Factory. And how could you not make room for some speck? We heartily recommend Macelleria Zanon in San Bernardo, Val di Rabbi. Their speck is not only delicious and fragrant but also of truly excellent quality.

For those with a sweet tooth, a mandatory stop at Ciocomiti. Pralines, bars, spreadable creams, and apples covered in chocolate refined in the Dolomites. Is that enough for you?

Swing by the reception and, with a map in hand, we'll give you all the tips and addresses for a perfect day.

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