23 Sep 2021

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When rainy days happen, we see you wandering around the reception a bit sad. Of course, the best explorations are done on sunny days but do not despair because even if the weather is uncertain there is still a lot to do and explore. We leave you 4 of our ideas and, as always, we recommend that you come here to personalize our advice to the maximum!

1. EXPLORATIONS AMONG WINE CELLARS. Wine lovers this advice is for you. Trentino is also famous for its wine production. We recommend a visit to these wineries:

FORADORI_farm and winery in its 4th generation transition. Precious demonstration of how the succession of generations can represent a set of energies and people and dreams that have materialized. As soon as you cross the entrance, a world of passion and deep respect for the Trentino region and its productions will open up in front of you. Wines of excellence and for some years now a project that goes beyond wine with a part linked to the breeding of the Grigio Alpina and the processing of milk, and a part dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables. The wine we prefer: Lezèr, also because behind it there is a beautiful story.

POJER E SANDRI_the road that leads to this winery winds gently through the beautiful hills above the Rotaliana plain. This reality is the perfect expression of the two owners Mario Pojer and Fiorentino Sandri: pioneers of machinery, cultivation methods and winemaking systems that have made history, demonstrating a tireless will to innovate and continually improve, distinguishing themselves as a great example of complicity, friendship, success but above all of enological excellence. We have been there and we have been literally overwhelmed by their energy. And also by their fantastic wines. The one we love the most: Zero Infinito.

DORIGATI_visiting the Dorigati wine cellar is like visiting a friend. To be precise, we are linked to them by a beautiful friendship that has materialized with "our" two wines, REDROC and WHITEROC. A story of friendship and wine. Among their productions excels the Methius, superlative mountain bubbles and the Luigi, the oenological result of the last and fifth generation, Paolo and Michele. They have also recently completed the tasting room where they often organize beautiful music and wine events.

ENDRIZZI_their wines are great. Their cellar in San Michele is the historical Endrizzi's location. It is a romantic and suggestive location with the Castle of Monreale in the background and all around the vineyard, colorful, fragrant, intense. And then the 1885 building, the Masetto. Hence the name of one of our favorite wines: the Gran Masetto.

PEDROTTI_in their "Grotta dello Spumante" ("Spumante cave" - former anti-aircraft shelter from the First World War, defined as the "cathedral of sparkling wine" by Luigi Veronelli in 1982) the Pedrotti Bouquet is refined, the one that is "our" TrentoROC. The visit to the Grotta alone would be worth the trip to Nomi, then if we add the tasting of these excellent perlage the journey becomes a magnificent exploration.

2. A  TRIP TO MUSE, the Natural Science Museum in Trento. The architecture alone, which came out of Renzo Piano's inspiration, is worth a visit, but its interior is even better. 6 floors to explore, in and with all the senses. A path that uses the metaphor of the mountain to tell, from top to bottom, the formation of the Dolomites, alpine biodiversity, the history of the first human settlements and the discovery of the origins of the world through the largest exhibition of dinosaurs in the arch alpine. The relationship between man and nature is at the heart of the MUSE exhibition philosophy. Visiting the museum it is possible to understand how science and technology can contribute to find good solutions for the future of our planet. So it can't be missing from your exploration list!

3. WALKING TOWARDS SAN ROMEDIO. This walk is really special because for one part the path, which starts from the village of Sanzeno, is carved into the mountain and after about 40 minutes you will see the sanctuary of San Romedio, built on a spur of rock more than 70 meters high. The beauty of this sanctuary is due to the fact that it is made up of several churches and chapels built on the rock in different eras connected to each other by a steep staircase of 131 steps. In the woods around the sanctuary you might even catch a glimpse of the bear (in total safety)!

4. TASTE EXPLORATION, a perfect occasion to buy the lo cal products that you have tasted during your breakfasts and dinner in MONROC. First stop at the Presanella Cheese Factory in Mezzana to fill up on cheeses, including the typical soft mountain cheese, the Casolét fromVal di Sole. Protected by the Slow Food Presidium, Casolét is traditionally produced with raw milk and it is eaten fresh. It is a cheese with a scent of alpine herbs, light in color or slightly straw yellow, with sparse holes and smooth rind. Its versions with nuts, pepper or mountain herbs are really interesting.

If you buy cheeses, you cannot fail to have some jams and honey in your pantry. For jams the right address is Gusto Natura in Malè and the difficult choice is between blueberry, red currant, black currant, strawberries, raspberry, Golden apples. Honey must necessarily be Mieli Thun in Vigo di Ton in Val di Non. A small fascinating and delicious world to be explored by spoonfuls. We love BOSCO honey, which is perfect with seasoned cheese from the Presanella cheese factory.

But do you want not to have some space for speck too ?! Here with a light heart we tell you to go to the Bonani Butcher Shop in Rumo in Val di Non, their speck is delicious and fragrant, and it is produced with an ancient recipe and with a truly excellent quality level. (If you want to learn more, find our other blog that talks about them and speck!).

For sweet lovers, a must is Ciocomiti. Pralines, bars, spreads and apples covered with chocolate aged in the Dolomites. Is that enough for you?

We leave you all the addresses but come here and we will give you all the tips for a perfect day.

FORADORI_ Via Damiano Chiesa, 1, 38017 Mezzolombardo TN

POJER E SANDRI_ Via Molini, 4, 38010 Faedo TN

DORIGATI_ Azienda Vinicola Fratelli Dorigati
Via Dante, 5 38016 Mezzocorona

ENDRIZZI_ Loc. Masetto, 2
38098 S. Michele all’Adige
Trento - Italia

PEDROTTI_ Pedrotti Spumanti S.a.s
Via Roma 6 - 38060 Nomi (TN)


GUSTO NATURA_ c/o Innovation Center, Zona Industriale, Via Molini, 31/33, 38027 Male' TN

MIELI THUN_ mieli thun
str. conte zdenko thun 8
38010 ton

CICOMITI_ Zona Produttiva

38027 Malè (TN) Italia

MACELLERIA BONANI_ Frazione Corte Superiore, 2, 38020 Corte Superiore TN

MUSE_ Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, 3, 38122 Trento TN

Autore: Romina

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