01 Oct 2022



Autumn in Trentino is truly a wonderful season. The season of beech, birch and larch trees that turn towards yellow, gold and orange, of the scent of wine that matures in barrels, of the silence of the woods, of slow-paced walks. It is time to go up again where some mountain huts and shelters extend the opening until late October. It is time to visit villages, castles and cities that come alive with exhibitions, events and cultural initiatives.

Let’s start with the best explorations to do this season.

1. LAKE COVEL IN PEIO. They call it "the mirror of the sky" because there is a point where you can see the surrounding mountains reflected and in this season is even more beautiful with the warm colours of the nature. Leave in the direction of the beautiful village of Peio Paese. Park near the Austro-Hungarian Cemetery at the top of the village and from there follow the road and then the path that takes you to the Covel plain, the hut, the lake and the waterfall.

2. SECULAR LARCHES IN VAL DI RABBI. Go up after the waterfalls towards the plain of Saent. From here starts the path that flanks these beautiful centuries-old giants with bizarre shapes. The golden colors fill the whole landscape. The crisp air will make you want to take a gourmet break at the Stablasolo hut, open every weekend in October. Order a slice of cake and warm up in the coziness of the hut.

3. CAPRIOLI LAKE. Another mirror of water that warms up with the colors of autumn. Easy to reach both by car and on foot starting from the village of Pellizzano along the "Sentiero degli Gnomi". Take a walk around the lake, stop on its banks to admire the foliage and then warm up in the Chalet, open every weekend in October.

4. SAN ROMEDIO IN VAL DI NON. In 40 minutes by car you reach the village of Sanzeno from where a beautiful walk carved into the mountain starts. The walk takes you to the sanctuary built on a rock spur. Climb the 1000 steps to the highest point and admire the surrounding landscape. This place has a very special and mystical charm. If you are in the area around lunch we recommend a gourmet stop at the Locanda Alpina in Brez, a real gastronomic experience.

5. TOVEL LAKE IN THE ADAMELLO BRENTA PARK. Super crowded and super photographed during the high season, this lake is perfect to be explored in autumn, preferably during the week. You will immediately understand why it is so famous, it is truly one of the most beautiful places in Trentino and in autumn it is absolutely wonderful with the Dolomites as a backdrop and the colors of the trees that plunge into its waters. On the way back, we recommend a walk in the center of Cles, among lively squares and excellent cafes.


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