15 Jul 2021



A celebration of flavors, fragrances and festivals. The Cheese FestiVal di Sole is dedicated to the traditions of alpine pasture farming and of course the unmistakable scent of grass, milk, butter and cheese. There are a series of events that include livestock fairs, folkloric Transhumance Festivals and special events focusing on local products.

It will be an exploration between past and present, between tradition and innovation, all surrounded by a huge flavours' party. We are talking about Cheese Festi-Val di Sole, not only a food and wine event. A lot of culinary events will take place, together with educational and funny activities, such as guided tours to alpine cottages, farming markets and agriculture festivals.  This  tradition is still very fascinating because of its simplicity and its rhytms. The aim of this Festival is to highlight those stories of everyday's extraordinariness. 

The Festival will start with the event "Non solo Casolet", dedicated to the agicultural world and its products (September 4th and 5th). The last part of the festival will take place on September 25th and 26th, with the LATTE IN FESTA in Val di Rabbi.

The main character will be the Casolet, our traditional cheese. This cheese is an emblem of genuineness and simplicity: it was born long time ago, before WWII. At the beginning it was a cheese that was prepared only to be eaten at home, as it was made with the little milk that they had in autumn. The name comes from Latin caseolus, that literally means "small cheese". Still today the Casolet is a very small cheese. 

It's an event that cannot be missed!

From September 4th to October 10th. For the details of the events: 

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